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Who has had the band? Pros? Cons? Successful? Complications?

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I just hit 6yrs with the band in october....i believe that without it i would still be overweight....by a lot. While the band is work, i believe any surgery would have been. I work out 5-6x a week and have completely changed my lifestyle. I didn't get the surgery and then sit on the couch waiting for some miracle to happen. I have to be cautious with what i eat and when....she can still be a bit finicky at times, but to me the work has been worth it.

All of my fills were included in the price for the first year....i have been at the same fill for about 3 yrs....found my sweet spot.

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I had the band surgery May 2010. I would not recommend it to anyone as after 9 1/2 years massive scar tissue made it almost impossible to remove last October when I was to have the Sleeve surgery. It was so difficult to remove the port that four days later I developed a severe hematoma. Just too many dangers and isn't all that great for weight loss. I did finally get my VSG on 11/30/20.

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