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Pregnancy following Gastric Bypass - Join in 😁

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Hi Guys

Ive been searching for a thread with information on this and have found bits and bobs but I thought let's start a communal thread with as much information as possible regarding pregnancy following gastric bypass.

I am 14 months post op and 6 weeks pregnant 🎉🎉

I spoke to my nutritionist who has advised:

Exchange my regular Multivitamin for pregnacare
5mg of folic acid instead of the recommended 400mcg
3-4 portions of Calcium a day (milk, yoghurt, cheese)

I would be getting a pregnancy letter from her next week so will post more information once I receive that.

My midwife has advised:

I should aim on gaining a max of 14lbs over the pregnancy
I will need additional scans to check baby's growth

I'll update with my progress and other information I gather.

Would love to hear from you regarding your experience, what your nutritionist or surgeon recommended and any other fun facts 😁🖤

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I don't know much about the subject but congratulations on the expected one!

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I'm in a similar boat, i am 1 year and a few months post op gastric bypass and will be 6 weeks on Wednesday. i got mixed info on what Vitamins to take, my nutritionist said to take a prenatal and some extra b and d while my ob said the vitamins i already take are sufficient. Got the all clear from my surgeon to start trying to conceive at my one year follow up because i had lost more than 75% of my excess weight and had stabilized with my weight loss. @Bariatric_girlie Congrats! on your pregnancy best of luck.

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    • newyearnewme2015

      2 weeks and 6 days to go before I have my VSG surgery.  I am so EXCITED!  I thought that my nerves would be all over the place by now, but I am still cool as a cucumber.  
      · 0 replies
      1. This update has no replies.
    • Jobber

      I'm just over 3 months into my 6 month pre-op diet plan and I feel like giving up.  Not because of the food, but because life is hard right now.  
      Work has become intolerable due to the amount of stress that I cannot control, but inevitably know will cause major issues for me down the road.  Long story short it's one of those "I tried to tell you this was going to happen things" that nobody reacted to because of budget constraints, but in the end there's going to be a "fall man" for what happens and it will be me, despite my preventative warnings.
      My boss is on my side, in theory, but when it comes down to protecting his own hide, I feel like he would sacrifice me to save himself.
      Also, I just had to cancel my holiday vacation due to staffing issues in my department, so now my personal life is going to be affected by my work issues.
      At this point, I'm just venting.  I realize that there are people out there much less fortunate than myself, but it sucks all the same.  I feel like everytime I get close to being happy with life, it comes and gives me a boot in the ass for a reality check.
      Happy Thanksgiving!
      · 1 reply
      1. GreenTealael

        Don't. Give. Up. Ever.

    • danieocean

      My weight will JUST NOT BUDGE. I'm annoyed. This stall sucks. Can stress alone trigger a stall? I'm 237, have been for...oh 10 days now. I'm doing everything else I need to, but am more stressed than I have been. 
      · 1 reply
      1. KimTriesRNY

        You will stall. I’ve had stalls for over three weeks at a time. The lower you get, the longer it will take to lose the pounds. Just keep to the program, it will come off. It’s discouraging but everyone goes through it! 🤗

    • Leia

      I am under 200 this morning! It's been a loooooong time ... And doesn't feel quite real. I'm not sure how to make it feel real except stare at the scale until my brain accepts it. 
      · 2 replies
      1. GreenTealael

        🎉 Congrats 🎉

      2. Missouri-Lee's Summit

        I have 14 more pounds before I reach that milestone, too. I've lost 80lbs so far since June.

        So happy for you, Leia. I haven't looked up your goal weight yet. Do you have any other intermittent milestone goals after this one? I haven't figured out any in particular for myself, but I know I want to always keep myself motivated to keep working toward some goal.

    • Marie1987

      I had my VSG surgery on Thursday, 11/15...
      Some of the things I've learned in the last couple days:
      Applesauce is the devils food. (It's the only thing that's made me vomit so far).
      Getting enough fluid/protein in is a challenge... Any tips?
      (I'm vegetarian, so bone broth is out...)

      Walking has always been my favorite form of exercise, short of swimming, but it is now a necessity... get that gas OUT!

      & I LOVE nurses!! I was in intense pain post-op & the nurses were amazing.. they were amazing throughout my short stay.
      (& they are the only people on the planet that can tell you: "I can hear your intestines moving!" & make it sound like: "& the Oscar goes to...") :D

      Thanks to everyone on here who has helped get this journey started.
      I'm incredibly excited for the next phases moving forward! :) 
      · 1 reply
      1. GreenTealael

        🌈 Congrats 🌈

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