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5 hours ago, Frustr8 said:

F.M.C., please do me a courtesy. Your post jogged my memories and sometimes they are not good. Okay? Please reassure your children it is not their fault,you and Daddy are not together. I am an only child and for years I believed it was My Fault. I was so terrible a child that they never wanted another. So I spent,most of my childhood and part of my youth trying to make it up to them. I wanted to be so perfect that they never would regret having me. I was 15 or 16 before I found out I was a miracle, the baby,doctors thought she would never have. Why wasn't. I told sooner? Brace yourself for this- my Daddy thought it wouldn't matter to ME. So keep all your lines of communication open, the ❤ you keep from breaking might be your child's.Nuff said?

I was a youth worker in another life. So rest assured I tell my children every day they are my angels and I let their dad have access whenever he wants whether he turns up or not. I attempt to compensate every time he doesn’t do what he says and try not to let any bad words slip in front of the children. I am far from perfect and I am sorry to have brought up any negative memories for anyone, it was never my intention to hurt anyone with my explanation. I am truly sorry!

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One more and then I promise to let the subject die. See the more I ponder on it, I think maybe Daddy,loved me in his fashion but there was disfunction there.
Last example my parents were married 6 weeks past their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Apparently the Sunday closest to the actual date they, between Sunday School and Church , renewed their vows.
I knew nothing about it, one of my co-workers who also attended that church told me about it a week later. I felt l8ke I had egg on my face over that. She must have thought me a horrid daughter that I did not attend. Although I worked many weekends I did have that day off.
S9 I went to their retirement flat to ask them, if they were planning such a thing, why was I not invited?
Daddy's Rationale: I WAS NOT THERE WHEN THEY WERE MARRIED, WHY WOULD I WANT TO BE THERE THEN? Neither was the bulk of the Church people watching, the majority where my age or younger.
And Fotr My Children, I still cry inside at that cruelty shown, I did my best to be good, cause no trouble, didn't date bad boys, truth be told I never dated anyone while under their roof. Brought home good grades, was never an embarrassment to the famility. Tell me, What mo4e could I do to win their love?💦😥💦

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First and middle name initials L C

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My home state of Missouri, plus the city where I currently live, Lee's Summit.

I would have preferred using a variation of my name, but I have good reasons for not wanting to reveal that.

My father died at the age of 44 of a heart attack. I was 12. He was not overweight, so that was not a contributing factor. My mother is still living (age 80) and she has always been model thin and 6ft tall. It's a strange thing when you realize that you are older than a parent. I am 57. My father would have been 89 now, had he lived.

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I was busy the day our new (now replaced yet again) security system was being installed. When they were assigning usernames my husband “took care of it” for me, as I was busy. Later that week I signed up at this site and went with the username he’d chosen that earlier afternoon...Screwballski. :)

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When you are a Lady, but you just love to SIN!


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My inspiration is from the YouTube makeup artist, James Charles. I love his videos and he calls everyone “sister”
The rest is self explanatory, as I am pre op and wanna sleeve :)

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My name is a shout-out to my favorite motivational tune which seemed perfect for this journey.

The song is “Doing the Unstuck” by The Cure. It is a rip roaring song about making a life change with utter abandon. I’ve never tried to attach a link but I will try and see what happens.


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    • Mrs. Rob

      I am so HAPPY TODAY.... I am just 4 pounds away from my all time GOAL.  I reached my goal within 8 MONTHS!!!!!  GOING FROM 245 TO 135... YES!!!!!
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    • KimTriesRNY

      This is completely unreal but two days in a row now I have seen less than 200 pounds on the scale for the first time in over 15 years. I am a pound away from my first goal of 199 at 13.5 months post op. Time to set a new goal for the New Year!

      · 6 replies
      1. GradyCat

        That's wonderful! I can't wait to get back in the 100's again!

      2. abefroman329

        Way to go!

      3. GreenTealael

        CONGRATS 💜

      4. Mrs. Rob

        congratulations on reaching your first goal. :1299_raised_hands_tone5:

      5. FluffyChix

        Wooohoooo! Fantastic girlie!!!! So happy for you.

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    • GreenTealael  »  elcee

      Soon? CONGRATS 💜
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    • cell

      hello all i have a question i have cigna and i called them personally to ask if they cover the weight loss surgery and they told me off the bat that they do not cover weight loss surgery. my question is should i have my dr submit something in writing? 
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      1. Sophie7713

        Yes, continue to fight this with Cigna! Ask what process they require for a possible review of your case? Ask your surgeon and his team to help you clarify and challenge.

        Since weight loss surgery has gained more popularity and momentum - Cigna from our experience is playing games with their patients who wish to get healthier. It is egregious that Cigna would rather pay for someone's weight related heart attack, hernia, diabetes, sleep apnea and/or other costly conditions then being pro-active! As for ourselves, we tired of jumping thru they're hoops putting off my surgery until April or May 2019 with continued ridiculous, redundant requests. Yet, we know of a colleague where Cigna was cooperative and approved without a hitch.

        Because I needed weight relief off my injured left knee when exercise and dieting were no longer effective... We made the decision to self pay and get on the road to self restoration sooner than later. I wanted to start my new year with a hope and future. For us, the Cigna mill was becoming just to stressful. And, we hold a premium policy with a reputable international corporation. They refuse to pay for vitamin regime now, too.

        Your Cigna story may be better. Not to discourage you - you may or may not have a fight. It is your health and worth fighting for. Do let me know what transpires, will you? Many best wishes for a very positive outcome.

      2. GradyCat

        I don't know anything specifically about Cigna, but maybe they were thinking about the cosmetic kind. Maybe you should have said "bariatric surgery" or asked specifically about their benefits for medically necessary bariatric surgery? I got lucky and my insurance had very good coverage and benefits for WLS and I was approved on the first request. Out of $50,000 billed for the surgery I only had to pay $600.00.

    • GreenTealael

      💜💜💜Day 14, join us!!! 💜💜💜
      ❤❤January 2019 Challenge❤❤
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