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Doing my MGB in 6 days...need help.

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Hi everyone. I am getting to do my MGB in about 6 days and I get nervous from time to time - just thinking about post opt life. How different would it be and can I cope with it. I am a foodie and my biggest issue is that. Can I still continue being one?

I also wanted to ask anyone - how do you keep your blood sugar from falling below? I am concerned about this.


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I think you can still be a foodie, as long as you are eating things on your plan. I love finding new recipes for things with different flavors and tastes that I can still have.

For the blood sugar, if you are diabetic you may have to watch your levels more frequently, and they will definitely need to adjust or take you off your meds. I had a couple issues with my blood sugar dropping in the hospital right after surgery and they had to give me dextrose by IV, but they said it was very unusual for that to happen. They took me off my blood sugar meds right after surgery. It happened only once after I went home, I did have some applesauce which helped. You should discuss this with your team and see what they recommend you do if this happens.

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You may become more of a foodie with a refined palate and selective taste, finding clever to foods you once ate because every bite counts more. And that's not a bad thing.

Most diabetics work closely with their NUT, Surgery and PCP to make sure everything is handled properly so there is no guess work. There are tons of posts about it give the site a search.


Safe Journey!

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