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Something is wrong post skin removal, but not sure what.

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So I was banded back in 2012 when I was about 450lbs. Since then, I got down to about 230. With my frame, even though I was not at my target BMI, 215 was about my goal.

I talked to a plastic surgeon because the amount of loose skin was causing issues and got a Tummy Tuck and panectiomy (sp?). Insurance covered the latter, but not the tummy tuck. I ended up getting a bad MRSA infection (the plastic surgeon looked at it and said it was nothing, so I am not happy with him). To have the tummy tuck, my lap band doctor emptied out the band before the surgery. After the surgery, he started adding Fluid back.

Since then, I have gained about 100 lbs. He said my lap band is less than 1/2 of what it was when I was losing the most weight. The problem is, I cough to the point of vomiting every night and can barely eat a small meal. Even when i do eat a meal without risk of vomiting, I still cough myself awake around 2-3 am, barely make it to the bathroom and start vomiting. I've also had aspiration pneumonia twice since the skin removal surgery. After the last fill, I have only lost 10-15 lbs and have plateaued.

My lap band doctor has done a barium swallow on me once already (taking all the fluid out to do it) to check for slippage. I know the plastic surgeon moved the port on my lap band, but I am wondering if he did something else on accident. Should I demand a 3d MRI to see if everything is correct with the current fill amount? If the doctor removes much fluid, I will just start gaining again, but I would be able to sleep. My doctor keeps telling me it's nothing, but I don't feel like it is. I'm frustrated as hell and tired of vomiting all the damn time.

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Wow, that sounds dreadful. I hope they figure out the problem soon so you can feel better.

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@SpaceCowboy74 That's some crap right there. Have they scoped you since the issue started happening to be sure there was no erosion? I know I had issues with my band, everything as far as they could see was fine, until they went to actually remove it and the band was 100% completely encapsulated in scar tissue. I wonder if moving the port pulled on the tubing and got it wrapped around a part of your stomach or something some how...

I wouldn't stop calling and asking for answers until you feel right again!

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Thats acid reflux. Makes you cough and can wake up choking. You need some good acud reducer meds just to start with. You can aspirate it too. Start there before u get a ulcer

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        Welcome to the site and congrats on your success so far. Sounds like you're doing great! Hope to see you in the forums.

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        you are doing great Mark! Keep on keeping on (off)!

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