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I’m getting a bypass despite the fact I have a sleeve done

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@toodlerue I have to remind myself “Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels!”. It’s my new mantra.

Love it, toodlerue!

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Have you asked your doctor to prescribe you metformin. Its what us diabetics take to curb those sugar cravings.

Since i have been on it. I have had no cravings and it also suppresses your appetite

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It sure sounds like more than "sweet tooth" as others have said. Please be sure to mention to the doctor about GI bleeding/blood in poop. This is a serious and can be a potentially life-threatening situation. What color is the blood? Dark tarry black/brown? Or bright red? Also, the intense deep pain you describe that doubles you over is not normal. So please please bring these up. At the very least I'd ask for an EGD, and even more, maybe an upper and lower GI or MRI?

I'd especially do all of this before doing another surgery. And the GERD symptoms being so bad after the VSG, that alone would merit a revise to bypass or DS. But I'd worry about having a DS being as light as you are going in.

Hope you get it figured out soon! Hang in there and you might see if going back to low carb and ditching any wheat/sugar will help at least improve the GERD a little and also improve the insatiable hunger a little in the interim?

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Hi- I have a very very big sweet tooth, as well. I was able to detox during my pre-op diet two weeks ago (my surgery is next week). I had a horrible Migraine for 5 days, chills, fever-like symptoms, and couldn’t be around ANYONE because of the grumpiness. And day 6, it all disappeared and I felt *amazing*. Haven’t had any sugar for a week and a half and I feel so good.

Perhaps it’s worth trying to detox and seeing how you do. You may find you don’t need the stuff anymore, which will take away some anxiety about the bypass (it sure did for me). Good luck! :)
Sugar detox is something else... Congrats!!!

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I feel like a freak for not having a sweet tooth.

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I had the sleeve in 2014, and my reflux was under control with meds. It started to get worse so they did an endoscopy and found damage. I had bypass on 6/26/2018, so I am pretty fresh lol.
I think because most shakes are so sweet, I don’t crave sweets. I can’t wait for puréed foods to get a little savory in. I have had some Protein Soups without chunks, and they have been divine!

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    • Jodi1980

       Lunch time was my yummy dinner from last night. I made homemade turkey chili. I know, it's the middle of summer but I wanted something hardy and that was perfect with some sliced avocado & a tad of shredded Mexican cheese. YUM! I found the recipe that was titled "the best turkey chili recipe you will ever eat" and in fact, it was!
      My shake this afternoon is the Syntrax Nectar Kiwi Strawberry with a banana. I brought in my magic bullet blender to work since it's light and portable. I used water this time instead of the almond milk. Sipping it now at my desk, it's pretty good. I'd give this one a 5! The banana takes over and taste just like strawberry banana shake. Yum!
      Not quite sure what I am planning on tonight for dinner but since I had my main meal for lunch, it will consist of a dinner shake and a p.m. snack after (protein based of course- probably 2 hard boiled eggs.
       10 more days until surgery... I really hope my liver is teeny tiny from all of this!
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    • Joe78260

      One week out and I am okay.  I am not in any pain and I still do not have gas.  I am feeling empty and no hunger.  I am getting my liquids down.  My doctors appointment is on Thursday.  The runs have slowed down to once a twice a day.  I am doing 30 mins of activity a day to the neuropathy in my legs  I want to try to do more there is nothing stopping me
      I do not feel anything emotion wise like happiness, second guessing, sadness, full of questions.  Some second thoughts as I am realizing the help of the surgery is changing your thought process.  I could eat but I can wash it out of my head. I wish I could do this with my legs.
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    • AshAsh1

      Checking in on this sunny Monday morning. For those who read my last update on Friday, I was having a funky week. I recharged the batteries. I spent a fun filled day a the pool yesterday and rode the water slide at least 10 times, yes... like a little kid! I made a work out date with a bestie for this evening. AND I officially, as of this morning, weigh two pounds less than my husband, and 9lbs away from ONEderland! It's amazing how quickly things can happen... I'm so blessed. So for now, its a good week. Love to all!
      OH and! My BMI has gone from 57 to 35.9  That's 21.1 difference. *mic drop*
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      1. KimTriesRNY

        That’s awesome! :1296_raised_hands_tone2:

      2. okayestmom

        Wow! I am happy for you!

    • Jodi1980

      This weekend I found it difficult to write/journal anything with my dear soon to be 2 year old running around and keeping me busy. I have quite a few shakes to write about since Friday.
      Friday's continuation of lunch was the Syntrax Nectar Crystal Sky. I'd give this a 4. Reminded me of Kool-aid. Not too shabby and kept me full. 
      For dinner Friday I had my left overs of baked chicken, sauteed spinach with olive oil and garlic and steamed broccoli, potatoes and cauliflower. 
      For my pm snack, I had the Syntrax Nectar Wild Grape. I blended it with PB2. I should have just had it plain.  I think it would have tasted so much better. In my head  I figured it would have tasted like a pb and jam sandwich. Because of my experiment, I gave it a 2 and 1/2. LOL.
      Saturday morning I tried the Syntrax Nectar Cappuccino latte with pb2. Not bad. Some of these Syntrax latte's have that sweet after taste even though they say they are aspartame free. I have no idea what it is but I'm not a fan. The PB2 or banana kind of takes that away.
      Hubs took me to see a movie and my n-laws watched our son. I didn't think ahead so I grabbed a smoothie at the Jamba Juice to stay hydrated. I could have totally snuck in my own shake or drank water but I was tending to my son's needs ahead of mine. I need to learn to make more time for myself. I do have anxiety and this kicks in right before we leave to go out whether it's the family or just me and my hubs. My mother-n-law and father- n law are great with my son but sometimes they don't listen to instructions I give them and thus causes the anxiety to come out. Ugh. Anyway, back to it....
      So this Jamba Juice I had ordered was the PB Banana Protein and MAN did it have ALOT OF SUGAR IN IT. I should have made my own but I'm only human right....Yes, It was tasty but a medium size with 34g of protein, okay......58g carbs, 23g fat and ....eekk....49g of sugar .
      Not, the best choice. Again, I'm only human but I need to really research my nutrition info. before just looking up and seeing "oh protein, that's what I need, I'll take that, please" on the big board of what looks good.
      For dinner, I had a hoagie bowl from my local Wawa which was grilled chicken (all 3 stripes of it ) REALLY?!  packed with veggies and some honey mustard dressing. 
      Breakfast Sunday morning was Syntrax Nectar Strawberry Mousse. I swapped out water with almond milk and added 1/2 a banana. That was a 5 for sure! Very tasty!
      Lunch I tried the Syntrax Nectar Caribbean Cooler with almond milk and 1 banana. Tasted just like a daiquiri. So good. One of my favorites so far! 5!!!!
      Dinner I made turkey chili. Very good! High protein and so good!
      Breakfast this morning, I tried the Syntrax Nectar Vanilla Latte with 1 banana and almond milk. Bit of an after taste again. I need to find out what the hell that is. Again, all of these protein shakes are aspartame free yet, I have this horrible sugary, "sweet-n-lowy" kind of after taste. I give this one a 3.  
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    • BTmom

      Losing my mind fighting the enemy telling me I can't do this!!

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