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I’m getting a bypass despite the fact I have a sleeve done

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@toodlerue I have to remind myself “Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels!”. It’s my new mantra.

Love it, toodlerue!

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Have you asked your doctor to prescribe you metformin. Its what us diabetics take to curb those sugar cravings.

Since i have been on it. I have had no cravings and it also suppresses your appetite

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It sure sounds like more than "sweet tooth" as others have said. Please be sure to mention to the doctor about GI bleeding/blood in poop. This is a serious and can be a potentially life-threatening situation. What color is the blood? Dark tarry black/brown? Or bright red? Also, the intense deep pain you describe that doubles you over is not normal. So please please bring these up. At the very least I'd ask for an EGD, and even more, maybe an upper and lower GI or MRI?

I'd especially do all of this before doing another surgery. And the GERD symptoms being so bad after the VSG, that alone would merit a revise to bypass or DS. But I'd worry about having a DS being as light as you are going in.

Hope you get it figured out soon! Hang in there and you might see if going back to low carb and ditching any wheat/sugar will help at least improve the GERD a little and also improve the insatiable hunger a little in the interim?

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Hi- I have a very very big sweet tooth, as well. I was able to detox during my pre-op diet two weeks ago (my surgery is next week). I had a horrible Migraine for 5 days, chills, fever-like symptoms, and couldn’t be around ANYONE because of the grumpiness. And day 6, it all disappeared and I felt *amazing*. Haven’t had any sugar for a week and a half and I feel so good.

Perhaps it’s worth trying to detox and seeing how you do. You may find you don’t need the stuff anymore, which will take away some anxiety about the bypass (it sure did for me). Good luck! :)
Sugar detox is something else... Congrats!!!

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I feel like a freak for not having a sweet tooth.

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I had the sleeve in 2014, and my reflux was under control with meds. It started to get worse so they did an endoscopy and found damage. I had bypass on 6/26/2018, so I am pretty fresh lol.
I think because most shakes are so sweet, I don’t crave sweets. I can’t wait for puréed foods to get a little savory in. I have had some Protein Soups without chunks, and they have been divine!

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        Drink a protein drink right after your workout, or get more fluids - dizziness can be from dehydration. Push liquids at all times. Good luck.

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