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Blue Collar guys

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I’m considering the VSG. I have only talked with a doctor about it a couple times. My biggest concern is being able to drink enough Water. I work a blue collar job here in southeast Texas and usually have to drink 8-10 bottles of water a day minimum just to stay close to hydrated. I’ve had several family members have the surgery and they all talk about having to “sip” all day. That’s not really a possibility for me, I usually have to run back to the truck a down a bottle or two then get back after it. Any guys on here that have dealt with this issue? Is it doable with the surgery to drink that much water in a day?

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In the first few months, no... definitely not. But after a while I was able to drink a full bottle of Water at a time and can definitely consume that much in a day. Dehydration is a real risk though so it's good that you're thinking about it.

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Not a guy and don't work at a factory. I love to play hard and work outside and am a huge Water drinker. I'm six months out and can only drink about 4-6 ounces at a time. (just got in from mowing lawns by hand for an hour....very hot and thirsty....and that's the limit) Mind you, if I wait twenty minutes or so, I can suck down another 4 to 6.....but yeah, I used to be able to drink a full 12 ounce bottle in minutes and that just ain't happenin anymore.

Your concern is real.

If you are able to get one of those weird water back packs where you can drink through a tube all day....you'd probably be ok. You'll be able to stay hydrated, but you need much more access to water because you'll need to drink much more frequently.

Very wise thing to be thinking about.

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I work in a factory it gets hot.When I returned to work it was very difficult to get the Water in.Im 2 1/2 years out now it’s ok.What I did was hydrate as much as I could before work,and every break.I’m originally from Alabama so I feel your pain.One positive the more weight I lost the less I would sweat,I barely sweat now.One thing you could look into is in some very hot environments some places use special hydration pouches.I hear a lot of good thins about those,and the people I know that use them are working in extreme heat!

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