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Lap band to gastric bypass, my journey

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I apologize for the lengthy backstory:

Just a little about myself: I was originally Lap-banded in Nov 2007 with HW 256, SW 246. In May 2008 we discovered I was pregnant (band unfilled and gave birth to my son in Jan 2009). Then I began the process of starting the lap band fill process again. I was able to get to my lowest weight in 2012 at 168, but normally could maintain between 175-180 with moderate restriction.

In Feb 2016 I began having a lot of health problems; I couldn’t get over the “flu”, I had constant reflux- to the point of waking up in vomit a couple of times. At the time I wasn’t thinking much about band complications (I previously had amost of the Fluid removed from my band in 2015 due to acid reflux...and I think I may have been in denial and didn’t want to lose the band). To condense the story a bit I will fast forward and share that following a CT scan in March 2016 they found a large mass in my left lung which was originally thought to be cancerous. I went through many tests and was on a 6 week course of antibiotics when finally the mass started to respond (it was later ruled to be a necrotizing form of pneumonia most likely due to the regurgitation from a tight band). - In May of 2016 (when I wanted to start losing weight again we discovered my lapband had a minor slip (at the time my weight was 212). They emptied all the fluid in my band and I worked hard to try and lose weight- I was able to get back down to 193 by September 2016, but felt like I was constantly starving myself....and the weight didn’t stay off.....it was also the year I got divorced: divorce final in October 2016. Last year (2017) brought its own challenges....(side note In Dec 2015 my mother had moved in with us and I became a caregiver for her while she fought a beautiful and courageous battle with lung cancer)....she passed away 6/21/2017.....it seemed during this time I continued to gain weight- part stress, heartache, and making many unhealthy food choices.....I’ve yo yo dieted many times since last year but continued to gain weight. After a recent routine CT (to monitor the progress/changes in my lungs- which praise the Lord is now scar tissue 🙌🏼) it was discovered my lapband had a massive slip which will require surgical intervention.

Yesterday I went to the surgeon to discuss options. I had called the insurance company and they told me my plan excluded a weight loss benefit. Well it turns out they will approve one proceedure per lifetime, so after discussing pros cons of each surgery and my history with acid reflux and other comorbidities we decided that a conversion from lapband to RNY would be the next step. I still have to complete the psych evaluation and 3 months of dietician classes and the surgery can be scheduled for Sept. 2018.

I am excited about this next step forward on my journey towards health. I know wls is not a fix, but a tool and I welcome any support!! I would also love to talk to anyone that went from the lapband to RNY. Thanks for reading 😊

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You have been through a lot over the past few years.

Your three months will fly by and before you know it, you’ll be having surgery! I hope it goes well for you. I have seen lots of band to bypass postings around here so hopefully a few people post!

Best wishes.

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Your mind and body has surely taken a lot of hits over the years. You sound like you have a great attitude and a don't give up spirit. That will get you through all of this back to the losers' bench soon. Hang in there and keep us posted of your journey.

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        This post was just what I needed, I am tired of medical stuff today.

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        I was just teasing you silly :) It is all good.

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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        36 pounds - that's awesome! Congrats!

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