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Am I the only one who loves their band?

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Good luck with whatever surgery you decide on. It is between you and your doctor.

Regardless, lap band or sleeve, you have to eat right and follow the doctor's advice.

Let us know how things are going after surgery.

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I have not been to my bariatric doctor since my surgery. Have never had a fill, I rely entirely on the band, do not need to have the feeling of full because of the band being tightened up. It has been my choice to use this where I am comfortable and if something should go wrong I will have to find a new surgeon since my insurance does not cover this locally and there is not a bariatric doctor within 200 miles from here. Good luck and and try to make this work where you are totally in control,not waiting for your body to tell you to STOP eating because of pain from eating too much.

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    • Izzy Bizzy

      Im 4 weeks out now and i still get dizzy a lot, i will be doing the most minimalistic things and suddenly have this rush come over me where i feel week and dizzy. Usually not while I'm working out tho. It will happen on the way home from the gym, or in the shower after the gym. It kind of is just annoying at this point... but I'm down 38 pounds from the hospital and i continue to lose weight every day, weather it be .1 pound or 5 pounds in a day progress is progress. It has also been tough because it is summer and it is the summer before my senior year, i want to be out with my friends and go to parties that they are having but for the first two weeks i was kept at my parents side and they only let me go to a birthday party last week for the first time, i feel like i haven't seen my friends as much as I'm used to in the summer, and it kinda sucks, but at the end of the day it was my choice and i hope i made the right one. Im type excited to go back to band camp physically ready, and mentally motivated to push my self more than before. Im excited to do the 3 laps around the band field and not be 5 minutes behind everyone else. I am excited to lose more weight before band starts and i can wear my new boujee workout gear. I am excited to see if anybody notices my weight loss and if it affects my social life once school starts. 
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    • Izzy Bizzy

      Everyday is a struggle but I'm getting there...  
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    • Tierra T Tij

      My Body Image Issues:
      07/20/18 Friday
      I am writing this because it seems like no matter how hard I do love myself and have confidence it's like it's hard to believe the words I say and also my old eating disorder/OCD mind tends to take over sometimes and before I know it I'm counting EVERY food that I eat and feeling very fat/freaking out. I'm trying to do my affirmations everyday and fix myself up nice to make myself feel better but it seems like nothing makes me feel better and I go back to either these bad thoughts or I want to self harm to heal myself or randomly yell at people. I get no stress release from my frustrations thus I become even more OCD spend and have other  bad addictions besides OCD'ing on the food I eat like overly exercise until my feet really blister or hurt or over spend on items I think I need to feel a void. I'm tired of putting myself through the ringer but it feels like nothing is never ever enough for me and I'm always searching for answers in the wrong places.
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    • ConnieCoops

      Summer heat has been debilitating to taking frequent walks. My future success depends on amping up exercise. So happy to see others achieving remarkable weight loss
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    • SleeveinIL

      I am struggling right now.  I am working out 4.5 hours a week and it hasn't felt good for the last 2 weeks.  Feels more like a chore and I don't know why.  I am still going but it has been a fight. Corresponding to this I have also been wanting to eat - eat everything we aren't supposed to eat. I have held back for the most part but I have splurged - full sugar vanilla pudding cup, I had a chocolate chip cookie and tortillas. I even stopped tracking my food. I am back on track, but I feel really down right now. I am already seeing someone, and it helps, but wow I am not feeling like myself. I am hoping this is a passing phase. I don't want these feelings to continue. Sigh... 
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      1. AshAsh1

        You've got this! I'm here for you. PM me anytime things get tough.

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