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Just had revision from Sleeve to SIPS

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A year ago, I went in for a Lap band to SIPS revision, but there were complications with the removal of lap band, so the surgeon cut things short and only did the sleeve portion of the procedure. I was massively disappointed (especially since I was self pay), but wasn't much I could do about it. I had good results initially. I lost 50 lbs during the first 'honey moon' 4-5 months, then things just stagnated. I dieted really really hard, went to gym every other day, and even tried Intermittent Fasting, but my weight would just bump around the same 3-4 lb range. I just was stuck. This went for 2-3 months, until I finally gave up, at which point the weight starting coming back pretty fast.

Kinda crazy (and very $$$$) but I decided to go back in and have the SIPS procedure completed. My surgery was a few days ago. I now have a ton of questions post-op, but for starters, I'm wondering if anyone else out there is Sleeve to SIPS revision. I figure there can't be too many of us...

My #1 question would be: Will there be another weight loss 'honey moon'? Or - since my sleeve wasn't touched - will my eating habits remain pretty much were they were pre-op? I ask because I've heard that the Sleeve is responsible for losing the weight, and the bypass part is responsible for keeping it off. Just curious.

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Id be interested to know what people's experiences have been also. I'm wanting a revision but totally unsure as to what as I've had very crappy results with my sleeve

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@AussieLiz . your avatar is what I will look like after a week or 2 of Protein Drinks Only difference is I may also have my,hsnfs clenched into claws.😉
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Finally dropped 1 more pound after 6 days stuck at the exact same weight (which is in itself, kinda weird. Normally I bump around 1-2 lbs day-to-day) . I still don't understand why it's this slow, given that my eating is significantly curbed, and I hit the bathroom at least 5-6 times a day with frothy orange diarrhea; I haven't had a solid BM yet. I assume this is the new normal, and is the DS doing it's malabsorption thing

Also, since posting, I spent some time reading through a ton of older posts, and it looks like sleeve to SIPS revisions is more common on this board than I would have thought (Is this a clue to anyone considering sleeve vs SIPS that Sleeve alone has high failure rate?) Seems like the results of SIPS revision are generally positive, but more Tortoise then hair. It's feels a little frustrating compared to how fast I remember the lbs dropping initially with the sleeve, but then again, those came back after 6 months. So if the DS lbs come off and stay off.... totally worth it.

Something to note: My BMI was under 40 when I got this latest revision, which is unusual. As a result, the Dr gave me a longer channel than he would have if I was in the 50's. Also, a couple of people have noted that speed of weight loss is slower the closer you started to goal weight, so I'm probably in that boat. Just gotta be patient i suppose.

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Thought I'd add a couple other observations specific to Sleeve to SIPS revision:

  • Compared to my VSG, the surgery and recovery for SIPS revision was a breeze. I was literally walking around a few hours after surgery and didn't feel the need to take a single pain or nausea pill afterward. Felt great the next day too. Back when I had the VSG, I slept for 3 days and was miserable. Stomach was fully bloated and entire lower portion turned an ugly black and blue a few days latter which lasted a week or so. I'm a little swollen after SIPS, but not as bad and no discoloration. Bottom line, the VSG procedure seems to be much more traumatic than the DS procedure.
  • Given that my stomach wasn't touched, I was able to go to solid foods way faster. To be honest, I probably pushed it, but at the same time, I have yet to eat anything that's really pushed back at me (except for the need for a quick trip to the restroom). This was not the case with VSG

Your milage may vary.

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    • istytehcrawk

      When I got dressed this morning, I realized I was wrong about the size of the jeans I got at Walmart the other day. They're not 26/28s; they're 24/26s! Which is even better, but also ridiculous because a pair of size 26 pants from the same brand were too small. The jeans have stretch, though, and the pants did not.
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    • karen_marie

      As of last Friday, I dropped back into Onderland!!! Can't believe it! Last time my weight started with a one was at least 10-15yrs ago. Pic from this Saturday with my hubby and his mom at our house warming party. Other pic is me at my heaviest last summer. The transformation blows me away! As a reward for hitting this big milestone, I'll be signing up for a horseback trail ride - the first one I've been able to do in over a decade due to weight restrictions. I'm sooo excited!! I'm also training for my first half marathon - ran my first 10k on Sunday  It's incredible what I'm able to do now, and everyday I'm thankful for this amazing tool that is helping me realize some big dreams.

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    • Newme17

      So, getting finances in order, I managed to sell my 2016 Toyota Avalon. It was a beautiful car, of which surprisingly, I’m doing fine without and I actually don’t miss it; and also of which resulted in having a one-vehicle household, which resulted in me HAVING to walk 2.2 miles everyday 5x a week to get my daughter to school. I’m actually quite glad, I’m feeling better/stronger again, and I dropped almost $20,000 of debt. WIN-WIN! 
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      1. Sleeve1stFitNext

        Awesome sauce!!!

      2. FluffyChix

        Yay!!! That's incredible on so many levels! Yay you! (You wouldn't have been able to do it if you didn't have the surgery and re-birth!"

        Maybe you should look at practicing your nutrition stuff from home?

      3. Creekimp13

        Car debt is the bane of my existence. Wont do it. And I love Toyota...I drive (and LOVE) my 2015 Camry...so I know how hard that was. Absolutely awesome you're getting the walking in, instead. Love that so much! Also teaches good habits to the kiddo....which is brilliant.

        Speaking of kiddo and cars..I've spent the last three months combing the web for a used car for my daughter. She has a summer job lined up here and needs a car to get to various labs and sample sites....and I won't let her go into more debt. (she has minimal student loans and will graduate next year with her microbiology degree)

        I found her a 2008 Malibu from Tennessee, clean inside and out...with just barely 100K on it...and I'm feeling incredibly accomplished. $3000, we paid cash :) CarFax is clean, mechanic said it was in great shape and she should get a few years out of it yet. Very common car with cheap parts if repairs are needed in the future. Previous owner did a valve job and replaced timing chain, and all maintenance was done at dealership. Brand new tires and brakes.

        It's parked in our driveway as we speak. Runs and sounds like brand new.

        I can't wait to see her face:)

      4. Mattymatt

        Well that's awesome! Keep up the good, positive work. :-)

      5. Newme17

        Lol. Cute...I like that “awesome sauce!” @Sleeve1stFitNext!

        @FluffyChix there’s so much that I probably wouldn’t have done if I didn’t have this surgery! I’m still so glad I did too. I seem to work better when being “forced” in to situations. Lol

        @Creekimp13, we’re Toyota lovers here. A former Avalon, and two former Tundras...currently on our third Tundra...and have always had a car payment! Ugh! We’re doing this Dave Ramsey program that’s making a lot of sense to us and so there went the Avalon. Also in the process of maybe getting a cash car...speaking of which, you were hugely blessed for what you found! Wow! That’s the kind of deal I want. I told the hubby not to buy one yet though, I’m enjoying the walks and the time with my kids walking. Definitely good habits being taught. 😊

        @Mattymatt thanks hon! Its hard to be in the dumps when there’s a win on both sides! Yay!!!

    • allwet

      so a newborn giraffe:  no wonder i am tired today
      Looking forward to complete Oxford English Dictionary
      Dam wish i hadn't missed that Gold brick.  Just my luck
      well got to fed the Giraffe. Catch you all later
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    • istytehcrawk

      Tonight's experiment: wonton wrapper lasagna (made with ground turkey and a Greek yogurt cream cheese/mozzarella/cheddar/spices mix instead of ricotta, which I don't like) and tacos (made with taco meat pilfered from my sister's supper). In the oven now!

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      1. istytehcrawk

        Realized I never took a pic of the finished product, so here:IMG_4986.thumb.JPG.cb2e5dae24a45ae2e2896c8a38e26669.JPG

      2. Orchids&Dragons

        Those look scrumptious!

      3. istytehcrawk

        They are! I would have even liked them before surgery, and my coworker asked for the recipe.

      4. Orchids&Dragons

        Have you shared the recipe here?

      5. istytehcrawk

        The recipe I based it on is in the first comment on this thread, though I just used some leftover sauce I had frozen about a month ago and made my own concoction for the cheese layer instead of ricotta. For that, I used half a block of Greek yogurt cream cheese, a third of a cup of shredded mozzarella and a third of a cup of cheddar, plus a heavy dose of garlic powder and some Italian seasonings. That was enough to make 9 cups, in this order: wonton, spoonful of cheese mixture, spoonful of sauce, wonton, spoonful of sauce, sprinkle of mozzarella. Baked them for 13 minutes. Her recipe uses a second layer of the cheese mixture, but mine does not (though if I make them again, I might include it).

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