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Has anyone tried lactose treatment drops with premier protein (or other drinks)?

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I know Premier Protein seems to be the most popular Protein Drink, but many people are lactose intolerant and more are so after surgery.

Has anyone experimented with opening their shakes adding the lactose treatment drops, and letting them sit for a day/few days to go work before drinking?

I know that lactose treatments are hit or miss (usually miss) and that premier Protein has a ton of lactose in it.

Thanks for any input!

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16 minutes ago, Real California April said:

I haven't but I was a huge Lactaid fan before surgery. They make a chewable tablet as well. Used to buy the generic and it wasn't too bad.

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My issues with the pills (especially the chewables) is they were never hundred percent effective. But with the drops (or even the powder) you can open a drink put it in there, and it'll work constantly until you drink it (ie you can drop it in 2 days in advance and it'll break down all the lactose over 2 days)

I've done this with milk in the past but never tried on Protein Shakes or anything complicated

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13 minutes ago, thinagain121 said:

Why not use lactose-free milk

I do, but it's also about twice as much cost wise as regular milk. And it also doesn't address the Protein part (which has ton of lactose) and the lactose free protein alternatives tend to cost substantially more while tasting substantially worse

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I used lactaid pills till I finished the case of Premier Protein, then switched to muscle milk. Cheaper, and lactose free.

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