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Can keep soft food down but NO liquid.. HELP!

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Hi Everyone, this is a little bit of a weird situation. My best friend and I both had the DS. Hers on 2/1/18 and mine on 2/2/18 both by the same surgeon.

As of today she has lost 39lbs post op (76lbs total) and I have lost 32lbs post op (58lbs total).

At first she was excelling much better then I in recovery. I was nauseous all the time if I stood for too long and she was feeling good, cooking for the family a week and a half out! She was a champ! Unfortunately about 3 weeks out things flipped :( Now at about 6wks out Im all good, eating solids and feeling great, for her she is opposite.

About 3wks ago she started waking up in the morning throwing up frothy saliva, rarely she would throw up the same froth during the day, then she would throw up the froth at night. At that time there was no pattern or relation to food or drink so we tossed it up to having "The Foamies" but it worsened to where she was throwing up constantly even after food or drink. Then she began to have a slight pain in the right side under ribs, naturally thinking it was the gallbladder we went to the hospital on 3/5/18. Our surgeon is in Jacksonville and we live in Tampa, none of the doctors we saw in the hospital know what the DS was. Our surgeon said he would prefer if we could go to him (as we did too) because if a our new anatomy is unknown another surgeon could do damage but she could not make the drive. So we found a surgeon here that felt confident in removing the gallbladder so she had the surgery on 3/8/18. The GI said the gallbladder was not inflamed but had stones, but what she did have is acute pancreatitis probably caused by a stray stone that ended up passing on its own but left aggravation in its path.

Now I know what you are thinking, "Why wasn't the gallbladder removed during the DS surgery?" well thats because we both had a hiatal hernia repair and the DS at the same time and already being under for 7hrs that was not a safe idea so we had planed with our surgeon that 6 months post op we were to have it removed.

Pumped with fluids, but still not able to keep anything down she was discharged 3/11/17. Feeling a little better but not much. On Monday 3/12/17 she was back in her rut. We called our surgeon in Jacksonville and he insisted we get to him so we packed and left the next morning at 5am and headed his way. Tuesday is one of his surgery days but luckily his office is right across the street and he came to do and upper GI himself in between his surgeries. he say that her anatomy healed well but wanted to do further testing so he did a direct admit to the hospital that day (3/13/18). He put her on heavy flow of fluids and a few other things she was low on and did and endo, mri, and a few other test to rule out a few serious possibilities. Blood work was ran every morning to see that her lipase was trending down showing the pancreatitis was calming down but her liver enzymes were still hanging out in the same high realm.

He held her in the hospital for a few days and when she proved she can hold a few things down he discharged her on 3/18/18 and told her to take it very slow, that her body is just having a reaction to the surgeries she has had and her liver (being fatty prior) is taking a hit but things should get better. And they technically are. She can keep down baby food and other very soft foods, BUT as soon as she drinks something it comes back up within 5 minutes.

My first thought is that she's been throwing up constantly for 3wks so her esophageal sphincter is very weak but is able to hold down something with at least a little substance to it aka the baby food, but has no luck with fluids.

Has anyone else experienced this?

What can be done to help?

What can cause this?


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        Thank you and good luck to you!

      2. SabrinaGoddess

        WOW, thank you for sharing all this with us!

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