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How Much Did/Do You Eat Post Bypass at Various Milestones

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what is your calorie intake btw? Mine is around 600 but Im further out

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Well dammit! You better ask her ass if we're sposed to eat veggies! bahahaha! Cuz i guarantee if I ask mine next week, she's gonna look at me like I'm seriously brain damaged, like, duhhhhhh! LOL!

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I'm right at about 500cals pre Vitamins. My damn vitamins are 55-60cals a damn day! #cussmuch?

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youre probably right and Im wrong! Im sure she said carbs and sugars. Im just afraid of screwing it up!

Report back on what yours says next week!

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I am a little over 3.5 months out from surgery and thw amount I can eat at each meal varies considerable.
For example almost every morning I make myself 2 eggs with cheese and salsa, and 3 small sausage links. Some days I can eat it all, other days maybe only half.

The most I can eat is about a cup of food. I asked my NP and she said at my stage a cup is okay to eat if I can.
If I am eating foods with very dense protiens like chicken or beef, I can only eat about 3 oz and then maybe an oz or 2 of the vegetable I made.

Some days like today I have absolutely no appetite so in the entire day I have had 3 bites of food. (I just had kidney surgery so this scenario is not common)

I tend to eat between 800-1200 calories a day.
Under 60 carbs
Around 60 to 80 g of Protein ( I have been getting horribly kidney stones so I have to stay on the lower end of protien)
And I drink 50 to 80oz of liquids.

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I’m a little over 10 months out and already needed one dilation 5 weeks ago and will get another one in 3 weeks as I can’t eat a lot. I’ve lost 150 pounds at least and don’t want to lose any more. I can’t eat more than 1/2 cup per meal but that’s softer foods like a yogurt or Soup.

I can’t eat any dense Proteins really but ground meats and poultry ok in small portions. Maybe 1/4 cup max then feel very full! I can’t eat bread, rice, Pasta and the like as it fills me up so fast and makes me want to purge. I’m glad in a way as we don’t need those things but a half a piece of toast with almond butter or avocado would be nice at times! I can make one scrambled egg and add lots of cheese to make it very creamy like risotto or cheese grits consistency and can eat half most days. Frustrating! Even taking all my Vitamins fills me up. Hoping second dilation allows me to eat more. I don’t count calories but I’m sure it’s between 400-700 depending on the day. I don’t get enough Protein or Water.

Sorry I’m not more precise and I know I’m one of the odd balls. Lost my weight very, very fast but really need to stop now.

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This doc lays out a pretty good progression timeline of what to expect, and is consistent with my experience. Variations will occur due to the amount of initial inflammation one may have, and in how big the stomach is initially (which can vary by one's height with the VSG and by surgeon's technique and preferences with any procedure.) Amount will also vary markedly by the composition of the food or meal, with one being able to consume more foods that are softer/slippier (so-called ":sliders") and less of firmer and more fibrous meats or vegetables.

That’s my surgeon. LOVE HIM!

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