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Post-Op Medications

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Hi all,

I'm scheduled for surgery in Mexico in two weeks! I'm curious about the medications you were prescribed after surgery and if you needed to get refills when back in the U.S.. For example, it seems a medication is often prescribed to prevent gallstones from forming, and this medication is normally taken for 6 months. For Mexico patients, were you prescribed this? Did you take a six month supply back with you to the U.S.?

Were you prescribed pain medications? Was there an issue taking them back to the US? I'm just a bit worried, I'm to be in the US and in pain without meds.

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I had gabapentin and tramadol and liquid sf tylenol. I'm weaning off the gaba now and haven't had the tramadol in the last 3 days--nor liquid tylenol. I have no discernible pain.

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I was given Protonix to help with any reflux and dilaudid for pain. I'm a pain management patient and I was taking dilaudid prior to my surgery for break through pain, so you might get a different painkiller. Good luck!

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From what I researched AFTER my surgery (wish I would've checked sooner) most hospitals in Mexico give VERY low dosages of pain medication or the mild pain med's like Tramadol which is what they sent me home with. I had to get different pain medication after I got home because it was so unbearable. I had complications and had to be opened up completely in an emergency surgery to fix a twisted bowel and had 27 stitches so I was in a LOT of pain. They did finally get some pain management advice from a Cancer doctor and got me something while I was in there but the tramadol did nothing for me. I would contact them to figure out what their pain management plan is ahead of time. My experience at Angeles Hospital is that the staff really tries their best to help you, and go out of their way to make you feel better. Wherever your going just let them know your concerns and I'm sure they will go out of their way to help you. They also sent me with blood thinner injections, antibiotics and an acid reducer.

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Hi. I had surgery April 12. I wasn’t given enough of the Acid blockers ran out last night. I am feeling it today! Do I need to go get a prescription or should can I take an over the counter medicine?

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