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12 hours ago, etc. etc. etc. said:

There's a deep dish pizza place in the Chicago area (where I live) called Lou Malnati's that does a crustless deep dish. Basically, it's a Chicago style deep dish, but instead of a crust, the bottom is sausage. It's very good and has almost no carbs. If I plan for it by being VERY low calories in everything all day leading up to it, I can order a personal crustless while my family orders regular pizza. I eat half of that for dinner and the other half the next day. It gets me through.

I realize not everywhere has this as an option, but there are DIY crustless pizzas. I even saw a crustless pizza recipe for the crockpot the other day.

Yes, they sell it as their gluten-free pizza. That’s a good idea too.

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I don't think it will derail you completely, but "they" say that giving in the first time, makes each successive time more difficult to withstand...

At our local pizza place, they make "pizza bowls"--any toppings/sauce and cheese melted and gooey. Tastes like pizza without the crust.

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