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Endoscopic Sleeve with Dr. Sadek in NJ, has anyone done this procedure with him?

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2 hours ago, JJ925 said:

I’m very interested in getting the ESG would love more info if anyone has any

I am in Australia so my experience may not be valid for the USA or UK (if that is where you are).

I had a failed ESG, I lost restriction and an endoscopy revealed that most of the sutures had come undone. I had revision to a (surgical) sleeve mid March.

There seems to be some success with ESG (in that the sutures have held and there is no loss of restriction) but I think a lot of that is due to surgeon experience and technique. There is also a number of failures where the sutures have come undone whether due to non compliance by the patient, lack of surgeon experience/technique, some people with bouts of bad vomiting (which caused the sutures to loosen) and some for no known reason.

While some people with a previoulsy very high BMI have had some success, If you have a BMI higher than 40, you would be better off with a surgical option in my personal opinion.

My sleeve surgeon says he currently considers the ESG as a temporary measure for anyone who needs to lose weight quickly for a urgent operation or prior to a more permanent weight loss surgery so that the patient's health has improved enough for them to undertake a longer procedure.

It seems that the medium to long term failure rate in Australia is higher than USA.

If you are serious about getting the ESG some questions to ask in your consult: How many ESGs they have done, what is the complication rate, failure rate and success rate one and two years out, is there an ongoing support program afterward, if the ESG failures due to no fault of your own is there a nil cost fix (should you want it),

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