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Old habits creeping back

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Hi redliner, sorting out the number of calories to shoot for in maintenance is a struggle. Just eyeballing your stats, at 6' & 220ish lbs, 1300-1500 calories for a guy seems pretty low, particularly if you are doing regular cardio & weight training. By way of comparison, I had my surgery about when you did & I am just a bit taller than you. I have trouble keeping weight on if my calorie intake falls below ~2700 calories per day. One thing that I found valuable was to have a resting metabolic rate test done. I went to a sports science center at a nearby university and they did a series of tests (RMR, DEXA scan, bone density, etc.) that gave me a pretty good window of where things stood for me and what I needed to do to make continued progress (particularly in terms of building strength and increasing cardiovascular fitness). If something like that is available near you, it might help give you a better sense of what is going on.

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