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Struggling with Protein

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I had sleeve 7-29-17 (lapband removal 12-16) I am still struggling with Protein. I cannot seem to find a Protein Shake that I can tolerate. The after taste is what gets me. I have lost from 197 to 155 is that normal progress? If I could find protein would that help?

Also what does everyone do for Hair loss? My dr said over the counter Vitamins are better than no vitamins at all. I am taking One A Day Petites (2) and Biotin that dissolve (10,000)

Thanks for any info you can send.

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A loss of 42 pounds is excellent progress in 3 months, especially since your starting weight was only 197. I don't know your height, so I don't know where you should be. Protein is important, and if you can't find a Protein Shake that you like, you should try to get more from your food sources.

I like Premier Protein shakes myself. My favorite flavors are chocolate and bananas and cream. I tend to mix them both up to make a different flavor. If you haven't tried premier protein, then pick up a 4 pack from the store. costco sells an 18 pack for $24.99, which is a great deal. Every quarter or so, they give you $5.00 off as well.

As far as your One A Day Petites go, they appear to have a good mix of Vitamins at 100% of your RDA. I would probably take double the amount myself by dividing up 2 in the morning and 2 at night. You don't absorb all of it, so this will help you get a lot more in.

I suspect that Hair loss is a direct result of a lack of vitamins, protein and overall calorie deficiency. Continue to take the Biotin, as that helps. Try to hit your macros as well. Once you are able to eat a bit more, it will get easier.

You are doing well. Keep up the hard work. Make sure that you get enough nourishment from your diet, continue to supplement, and you will be fine.

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At 12 weeks out, you might be able to do without the shakes. Protein can come from food.

Yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, nuts/seeds, Beans, tofu, meat, seafood, etc.

You are getting Biotin in your One A Days, so I'd drop that, but you need to add calcium citrate (500mg two or three times a day) and 500mcg B-12 once a day.

I agree with the above. Double up on the One A Days (making them 4-A-Days!) Lol.

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"Both Biotin and pantothenic acid–vitamin B5—are absorbed from the intestines via the same receptors,” she explained. “When taking biotin supplements, the amount of biotin in the gut far outweighs the quantity of Vitamin B5, thereby leading to a relative vitamin B5 deficiency"

Not sure who "she" is, but there is always good reason not to take excess Vitamins. That's why I recommended cutting out the extra biotin.

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Many experience problems drinking Protein Shakes. I hated them. But in the beginning I drank them, three 16-ounce Protein shakes a day, in order to meet my protein requirements. You do not have to like protein shakes only tolerate them. There are many varieties of protein shakes available today. Experiment until you can find one you can tolerate.

There are many different types of formulations on protein shakes. I would recommend that you keep experimenting until you find one that you can tolerate. You don't have to like it, just tolerate it. I used Muscle Milk Light (Vanilla Creme) powder blended with Water and a half a banana. That worked for me. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, you might try premixed Isopure.

If you tried all the various varieties and still are unsuccessfully, then there is the fallback of fortified milk. 32 ounces of 1% milk fortified by adding 1 cup of dried milk provides 56 grams of protein. It also takes a dent out of meeting the Fluid requirements. Mix up a pitcher and drink a little throughout the day.

Without sufficient protein, your body will scavenge protein from other areas of your body, such as your muscles. Protein is extremely important after surgery as its job in the body is to build and maintain tissues including your body's major organs and skeletal muscles. Protein deficiency, when continued over a long period of time can cause a disease known as protein caloric malnutrition. Common symptoms are poor healing, fatigue, hair loss and muscle wasting. Immediate post op, protein promotes healing of the staple line and incisions.

Since you are 3 months post-op, there is another option that has opened up for you. You can begin using Protein Bars in place of protein shakes. I used Quest protein bars. These bars were good in that they had high protein, minimal sugar and also contained Fiber. They also came in a lot of different flavors.

Protein bars are good when you are on the go and can't drag along a blender in order to mix a Protein Shake.

A Quest Protein Bar contains 220 calories and provides 21 grams of protein. A Muscle Milk Light protein [2 scoops of powder in a 16 ounce glass] contains 210 calories and provides 25 grams of protein. So they are comparable.

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