10 days post op - a few questions please!

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First of all, SO glad to have found this site.

I had my gastric band op 10 days ago. The first week was excruciating in terms of trapped air, nausea, post op pain but now recovering well.

I am currently on a liquid diet - concerned as I am supposed consuming liquid like Soup, Protein Shakes, milk etc but have only been consuming Water and tea. The first few days I had some yoghurt and soup but developed a repulsion i.e nausea to anything milk based.

Prior to the op I purchased an lot of high Protein milk based shakes just for this phase but have touched a single one.

- Should I be worried? Especially with the emphasis placed on 'high protein' consumption?

- When entering the soft food phase I plan on consuming tuna but the booklet given to me. post op says tuna is too 'lean' for soft food phase and should stick to 'soft fish'. Has anyone added tuna to soft food phase? Doesn tuna not count as 'soft food' ?

Thanks so much in advance!

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I had tuna with light mayo during phase 2 post-op and was fine. You just have to smush it up well. I actually used a potato masher to do it.

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Tuna can be dry and dense. But if you put mayo in it, it really loosens it up. Mash up a scrambled egg and add that to the tuna, and it makes it easier still. It's true that gently baked white fish IS much softer and easier to digest. If you can, try that first (as per your doc's recommendations).

Have you tried home-made broth? (Simmer something like chicken legs for 8 hours.. maybe in a slow cooker.. with a bit of salt and herbs). There is about 8g of Protein per cup of slow-simmered broth, and it fits into the clear or full liquid phase.

Protein IS very important, so do really push to find a source you can tolerate, ASAP. Otherwise you'll be eating your own muscles, and that's the last thing you want.

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