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On 2. September 2017 at 0:57 AM, hopingforamiracle said:

Defiantly don't want bypass xx

May I ask why?

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I never had reflux with the band but now have it with the sleeve. Mildly most of the time. I am about 6mo out

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I started my life or reflux when my 4 yr old band slipped. Dr told me when it came out, my reflux would end. Had I known the sleeve itseld causes a much higher incident of relux, I woulda just had the byoass to begim with. Now 4 yrs after my sleeve revision, Im back to seeing the bariatric surgeon on Oct 17th for revision to RNY. That will be 3 wls's. Almost embarrased to say that. Having the RNY at 160lbs - about 20-30 lbs from goal. Sounds crazy. But I cant wait to sleep thru the nite without choking and coughing up stomach acid and feeling my chest on fire. I sleep in an adjustable bed, am on the reflux diet, and take the tp doses of the strongest meds. My GI told me the next stage is surgery.

Went to the general surgeon 2 weeks ago tot talk about surgery. 2 choices. Nissen Fundoplication or revision to RNY (which usually CURES reflux). Fter my upper gi last Fri, it was determined I dont have enuf stomach left to do th Fundoplcation. They wrap ur stomach around ur esophagus. So the choice was made for me....

Had I known then what I know now.....

Good luck!

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