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August Sleevers-How are you doing??

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8 hours ago, allwet said:

So today is my 1 year Anniversary.

I have lost 160lbs as of this morning (95.8% of excess weight)

i am off 2 blood pressure meds and my Metformin

My sleep Apnea is gone and my memory has slowly gotten better over the last year.

I am around 1 month (at current monthly weight loss) from switching to maintenance

i plan to post a current picture later today. i will add the pre op pic that is already there if i can figure out how to get both together.

I want to thank all of you for the comradery during the last year. Reading everyone's journey made mine easier to work thru and help me get a sense of what this was like from so my different places.

I know i was very lucky- first just getting the surgery as it is harder to get approved than i realized.

I had a very pain free post op and i see now that is not always the case

I also landed on the above average side of the average weight loss for this type of surgery

This has nothing to do with calories in because we all know how little we can eat post op.

As a man i got luckier(unfair) in the hormone dept than you ladies and since weight loss and gain is Hormone driven i have come to believe it is just a bit easier for men to maximize the results from the sleeve.

Once again you ladies are forced to work harder and longer to get the same :(

I am going to miss you all but i will not be around a day to day basis anymore.

My plan after today is drop back in a few months and let you know how maintaining my weight is going.

I wish all of you the best and know that no matter if the weight loss comes quick or slow you can get there if you hold true to the plan and stay faithful to yourself that you are worth all the effort you put into this and don't let anyone tell you anything different.

good luck


Lol, it does surprise me that statistically women far outnumber men in getting weight loss surgery, when the male body responds so well to it. I'm only going anecdotally off what I read here, or from people at my clinic, but the weight seems to fly off men.

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