Lap Band then diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus

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I had my lap band since 2008. Fills and some taken out along the way. During my first endoscopy I learned that the band gave me a hiatal hernia, and I had erosion from acid reflux so I was put on Prilosec. Recently, my acid reflux worsened so I had to have another endoscopy (last Thursday). I was then diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus. I am still awaiting my biopsy results to see how bad it may be. And what scares me the most is having to have an endoscopy every year or two from now on- since I have spasms and quit breathing under anesthesia, then have to be intubated. I'm not sure what the treatment will be for me. Has anyone had the band then Barrett's? What treatment did you receive? Was Barrett's Esophagus one of the possible side effects (back in '08 with the lap band)? Has anyone heard of laryngospasms?

Any info would be appreciated.

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