Restarting my journey.

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Not new to lap band, restarting my journey. Lap band was repaired on Friday 7/28/17. I'm new to this group. Happy that I found it.

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Good morning afternoon everyone,

I'm two weeks post-op here,, feeling great. Returned to the gym last week, needed my Zumba class/buddies.(taking it slow). Putting my WW tools to work. Eating cooking and eating much healthier. Thursday was my first port op visit, my WLS attempted to adjust me, she stopped herself, syringe was inserted and she pulled back she notice seroma Fluid. "Seroma fluid is a pocket of clear serous fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery, The fluid usually is absorbs by the body. This is not unusual with abdominal surgeries. My WLS decided to wait two weeks. Hopefully by then it dissolves and I can get adjusted.

Pre surgical weight was 171.6, today I weighted in at 169.4. Not a whole lot, but I'm going down,down,down.....

Have a great weekend everyone.

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