My before photos for people that have issues with other people weight loss....last photo is of me now

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6 hours ago, proudgrammy said:


i think about 98% of OP believe you. Why wouldn't they??

there were 2-3 people (i think that questioned your weight

loss. that was so crazy!!) please continue to stay on the board-

don't listen to people that don't know the difference between

fact/or fiction!! newbies et al can learn from your success

it made me sad that you felt you did/do have to explain yourself

you lost 96 lbs - why would anyone question this amount??

no need to explain yourself

I did see your initial post where you showed different

pictures. I saw your handsome face in the navy uniform when you

were thinner to the present pictures of you weighing a little more-

if someone/anyone on the board insults you - or anyone else -

make your one response - if they want to continue their rude comments/

remarks - that's their business - you take the high road!!

you are doing terrific!!! keep up the good work

for the rest of your healthier, happier, longer life:rolleyes:

good luck - kathy


You're right and I appreciate you 100% and it's funny how you don't see them responding to me showing them wrong but hey we're all on this journey and I'm loving it

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2 hours ago, Mrfeelgood said:

Oh it's there in my 96 pounds down in three months lol and the same person stays on my thread but I'm good

Well I'm gonna read it!

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