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I'm new to this but I really needed somewhere I could get information from. I had my surgery 3 days ago and everything went well. I left the hospital a little late due to my reaction to the pain medicine but I'm finally home. The only thing that worries me is this sharp pain I get in my chest. Once I try to burp or take a deep breathe it seems to go away but it's happening a lot. My taste buds have changed completely. Everything that is sugar free is someway too sweet for me. I'm having a hard time finding something I can actually eat.

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Angie, the pain is from gas and it will be a little longer before it is gone. Walking will help to expell it as well. I am 5 months post surgery and still finding things I used to love to eat, I can no longer tolerate. It's a work in progress, but be patient, it gets easier each day!

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