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Still nauseous after four weeks with Orbera Balloon.

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I had my Orbera balloon inserted a little over four weeks ago. The first week I could barely keep liquids down. The second and third weeks I could eat very soft foods (pudding, scrambled eggs), but the stomach acid was terrible and I made myself throw up - often every day. Not a great idea, but the acid and reflux was very bad. Now after a month the acid situation is significantly better, but the nausea isn't. I have stomach cramps that are a bit like labor pains of the stomach - they last about 20 seconds, then get better for 30 seconds, then start again. I know the stomach tries to 'digest' the balloon for a while, and that's why you get some of the nausea. I'm worried because the doctor told me most people feel better by two weeks, and sometimes it takes three-four weeks. I don't want to be one of the people that has early removal. Due to the nausea, my Fluid and Protein intake are not what they should be, and I know that's an issue. Anyone have this kind of nausea happen and eventually feel better after a few more weeks?

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You poor thing! That sounds miserable! You are the first person I've seen post with the balloon, so we aren't ignoring you, we just have no experience with it.

Please keep coming back, as eventually someone else with some experience is bound to show up :)

[Hugs] Hope you feel better, and keep us informed in how it goes!

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Thank you very much, appreciate it. Am I not in the right forum, gastric balloons? Just joined so I'm new.

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Yes, you posted correctly in the Gastric Balloon Forum.

I'm so sorry you're feeling lousy. Are you taking any PPIs to help with the acid reflux? And what does your surgeon say about your difficulties with Fluid & Protein intake and so much nausea? Unfortunately I'm not familiar with this procedure so I can't be much help. But I sure hope you feel better soon.

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Re PPIs, yes, Prilosec and Zantac, although the acid isn't the issue anymore. Also taking Hyoscyamine and Odansetron, which are antiemetics for nausea. Surgeon says to keep drinking Water and get at least 60 grams of Protein. He says everyone is different and responds to the balloon differently, some may take longer than others to adjust.

If you look at all the online info about the balloon it says most people feel better in 3-4 days, and nausea is "easily managed." I've read several posts from folks who say the first 1-2 weeks were bad. There are fewer posts from people who are past the month mark and still feeling nausea or cramps. So that's what I'm curious about. Thanks for responding.

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I'm at ten weeks now. Most of the nausea and acid reflux subsided around eight weeks. I still feel some physical discomfort, especially in the morning - like the balloon is pressing outward. I spoke with my doctor's office and he says he hears this sometimes. It's uncomfortable but manageable.

It sounds like I'm an outlier among his patients in terms of how long it took to get over the nausea. He says everyone is different. But my expectation was that I would feel better within a week based on what he said at the appointment before surgery.

My only advice out of all of this is that you can't really use a yardstick and compare yourself to other people in terms of recovery. Some seem to feel a lot better in three days, others take a lot longer.

I've lost 14 pounds so far.

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      I joined yesterday when I was struggling with this preop diet... 
      It typically comes and goes, the hard times and easier times. I'm on day 6 of 14  shakes, water, sf Popsicles and jello. And I might actually be losing my mind. But, oh dear lord has the fear set in. Not about the surgery itself, but life afterwards. If I feel this crappy on the preop diet, am I going to feel like this forever after? 
      I know most of the answers are no, not forever. It might be worse after for a while, then get better. I know it's a more of a mental challenge than physical after the first couple weeks of healing. I get all of that. But I'm starting to feel scared about losing myself afterwards. 
      It might be my hormones or desire to chew something salty talking.. It may go away soon or tomorrow.. I can hope, anyway. But right now.. The fear is real. 
      And this liquid diet can bite me. 
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      1. NickelChip

        Fear is normal, but if it makes you feel any better, I'm 4.5 months post-op and the pre-op diet was by far the hardest part of the whole process. There will be challenges and a lot of new things to learn, but I can honestly say at this point I feel so much more "back to normal" and was even able to go on a week-long vacation with my kids without stressing over it. It's so worthwhile.

      2. OhMyGawdItzKla

        @NickelChip This actually does make me feel better! Thank you so much! After the onslaught of Covid, we've all had to deal with a "new normal", so I know it's possible. It's just the fear and frustration in this moment that makes me question if I can find another "new normal" afterwards. The thought of just a few more months seems daunting some times, but I really do appreciate input and real experience. I'll use that to get me through for a few more hours! LOL. Thank you so much! And I'm glad everything is going so well for you! ❤️

    • mamabear30106

      I started my 10 day pre op diet yesterday I need flavor!! I'm not big on the chocolate protein shakes so I just got to use up what I have was thinking about freezing it to make it like a ice cream so its something I can chew a little. Idk this is hard but I know I can do it just need to find new things to try 
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      1. JennyBeez

        You can try. I've read other people have had good results with protein-shake popsicles, etc. My personal experience with it? Sucked.

        I tried making 'fudgesicles' with a couple different flavors of a premade shake, as well as a protein powder I blended myself and all of them came out revolting? The powder ones, all the protein sunk to the middle; the premade shakes, the popsicle had a disgusting texture and the protein seemed to leave a weird fluffy film on the outside? I couldn't stomach it.

        Maybe look into flavoring additives? I was able to have sugar-free coffee /soda syrup flavorings, sugar-free drink flavorings and baking additives like almond, rum or pepperment extract. The extracts helped me the most as they added no extra sweetener.

        On the other hand, if you can get your hands on an unflavored/unsweetened protein powder, the syrup flavorings are perfect. I love to use Boost "Just Protein" (which is unflavored) with milk and a Chai-flavored sugarfree syrup.

        Good luck!

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