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Happy Easter from BariatricPal! - April 2017

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Happy Easter! If you’re Jewish, Happy Passover! And if you do not Celebrate either of those, Happy Spring! Any day is a good day for celebration, and any day is a good day for weight loss. Read this newsletter, and you might get a better handle on both! Here is what you will find in this newsletter.

  • Bariatric Friendly Foods for Easter and Passover
  • Quick Tips for Spring Weight Loss Surgery Success
  • Plan a Healthy Spring Break for Weight Loss

Take a few minutes after you read the newsletter to thank yourself and your commitment to your health. Then we suggest appreciating your friends and family – after all, that is what holidays are about. Finally, we hope you will head over to the Alex Brecher

Founder, BariatricPal

Bariatric Friendly Foods for Easter and Passover

food is sure to be at the center if you are celebrating a holiday with friends or family. Your tasks are to avoid the bad ones, choose the good ones, and keep portions in check to stay on your diet. Easy peasy, right? Actually, it is possible if you are careful!

Your Weight Loss Easter Basket

You do not need to give up your Easter basket just because you are grown up, and you do not need to give it up just because you are losing weight. Try a few fun items in your basket that can help inspire you to keep losing weight. You could have chocolate Bars and Peanut Butter Protein Bars instead of regular sugar candy, coffee cake, cheesy potatoes, and sausage casserole. On the other hand, you can easily feel good on Easter Sunday with a few healthier options.

  • Fiber.
  • Breakfast casserole with eggs, vegetarian sausage, spinach, and low-fat cheddar cheese.
  • Fresh fruit with cottage cheese.
  • Monkey bread made with low-carb baking mix and a syrup based on vanilla pudding.

Remember, eggs are your friend, so eat up in the name of Easter! Try:

  • Deviled eggs made from hard-boiled egg white halves stuffed with a mixture of cooked crab or shrimp, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, and seasonings such as Dijon mustard, pepper, and diced chives.
  • dinner Table

    Keep up the good work at dinner, whether you are enjoying a traditional Easter dinner or you are sitting down to a full Passover Seder. Here are a few tips to keep yourself on track.

    • Focus on protein, whether brisket at a Seder or all-natural ham at Easter dinner.
    • Bring or serve, and eat, something green: grilled asparagus, roasted Brussels sprouts, or steaed green Beans.
    • Eat the Soup, not the matzo balls.
    • Cut calories in charoset by using more fresh fruit than dried, and using low-calorie sugar substitute instead of honey if you need it sweeter.
    • Keep dessert healthy by serving meal plan at least 6 days a week until summer starts.
    • Getting in shape to complete a 3-mile hike with your family by June.

    Small steps add up to big strides so you can hit your goals.

    Move Towards Meeting Your Goals

    Once your goals are set, take steps towards meeting them. Call a surgeon if you want weight loss surgery soon. Map out your training schedule and get out the door to walk if you intend to finish your first 5k race soon. Stock up on liquid diets with flying colors. Throw away the bread and Pasta and replace them with vegetables and yogurt if your spring goal is to clean up your diet.

    Eat Your Greens

    Nothing symbolizes fresh and healthy starts than spring greens. Find them at your local farmers markets along with other seasonal produce. Try spring green salads with fennel and strawberries, roasted beets and carrots, and turnip soup with parsley.

    Plan a Healthy Spring Break for Weight Loss

    Spring break can be a disaster for health and weight loss if you let it. It is tempting to throw caution out the window during spring break after working so hard the entire winter, but lounging around by a hotel pool and going to all-you-can-eat buffets will set you back months. With some planning, you can catch a break and lose some weight this spring.

    Pack Properly for the Task

    Pack your bags properly for weight loss before you go on your trip. Bring sturdy shoes and comfortable clothes for walking so you can burn calories anywhere. You can also bring healthy Snacks such as nuts and Protein Bars that can fill you up in a pinch if you find yourself without any other options. Instant Protein oatmeal can keep you away from breakfast buffets if you just use the coffee maker in your hotel room to make hot Water.

    Try Healthified Recipes

    Cut loose, but not too much, with healthier versions of the foods you love. The BariatricPal Store has all kinds of low-carb, chicken, chocolate mousse, and chocolate peanut butter cup shakes.

    Whether you celebrate spring with Easter, Passover, or in another way, you can use it as an opportunity to lose more weight and get healthier. We also hope you will use it as a chance to share your new beginnings with us on the forums!

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