Anyone have this problem with MGB and dense foods?

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I had my MGB in Jan 2017 from a gastric Sleeve. The sleeve didn't help me at all. I was always hungry and though I couldn't eat as much as before the sleeve I never lost weight. Now with the MGB I don't feel hungry like before. I am losing weight! Albeit slowly because I can't exercise much until I have surgery to fix my bum knee. ...

Here's my issue: We are all suppose to eat enough Protein. I am having a problem with it. I and can eat rice and bread (but choose not to) with no problem. When I eat dense food, ones with a lot of protein like chicken, or beef, I get this sour feeling in my stomach like I ate a rock and it takes forever for that feeling to fade away. I don't feel nauseous and I don't throw up but it's a bad uncomfortable feeling, just the same. Also, I can't stand these Protein shakes even mixing it with fruit it tastes like sh_t! Honestly, who is going to drink/eat something if it gives them a gag reflex? So has anyone had similar experiences? How did they cope?

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I seem to be able to eat meat farily well if it was made from beef Soup. I guess I could put it in a food processor, but ugh, would kind be gross... I hope this too shall pass.

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