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So I was banded in 2006 at 293 lb, at the age of 24. My lowest weight was 145 about 18mo post op.

I've maintained 175-185 through seriously "getting it" - good eating habits and regular exercise.

December 2014 I learned that my band tubing was no longer connected - likely due to complications with the low profile port I had installed behind my belly button, in my opinion.

Anyway- in December 2014 time they did a scope to see if I was a candidate for repair - I am not, there is damage to my esophagus. I was having some restriction just from the device and didn't really want to "face the facts". I did nothing.

Now...I think I need to do something. I am mentally making myself eat little of nothing, despite having no REAL physical restriction. I'm not a candidate to keep the lap band. Does anyone have any similar stories? I'm terrified of gaining the weight. I already saw 190 on the scale and went on liquids for a week. I'd ideally like to be back to 150.

I have an appointment with a surgeon Friday - I have a feeling he's going to push for removal and revision to gastric sleeve.

Thanks for your thoughts, experiences, advice...

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First thing.... omg you are stunning.

This is the very thing that worries me all the time. I'm terrified to lose my band and gain the weight back. keep me updated on how things go

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Following this topic. I have kept an empty band for a couple of years now and now have to either get it out or revised. (My band was emptied due to its interference with the vagus nerve which was provoking atrial fibrillation.) I just saw my surgeon yesterday who has given me three choices: accept my weight where it is, diet the rest of the weigh off, or mini gastric bypass. She is not pro-sleeve for my situation, as she views the sleeve as the next "lapband" in that she has more and more sleeve patients gaining back their weight and doesn't think the longterm weight maintenance is proving to be the case with restrictive methods such as lapbands and sleeves.

She has floated the idea of a mini-gastric bypass as her best recommendation for my situation.

I'm researching this but I doubt I will do it. The potential complications from the malabsorptive WLS are rather scary to me. Enough that I will probably just go back to Weight Watchers and grit my teeth to get the rest of my weight off. :(

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what is a mini GB

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what is a mini GB

Also called an Omega loop, it is made by attaching the small intestine to the stomach pouch without the second attachment (intestine to intestine) further down.

There are good youtube videos that show the process. It is called a mini bypass since there is one attachment instead of two.

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ill go look that up

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You've had great success! Kudos! I had a lap band revision 7 years after my first band. Totally wish I'd gone with a bypass at the time because I was maintaining an 80 pound loss. But, I went with a new band and gained back about 50 pounds. I gave up for a long while and hesitantly went for a consultation last year. I am now 10 weeks out from sleeve sugery and am totally loving it. This is such a different experience- I cannot recommend a sleeve enough if you decide to go with a surgery. Best of luck to you! It seems like the skills have become habit for you now. Don't underestimate yourself!

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    • CarolinaGirl5192

      ONDERLAND!! Finally! It feels awesome!!
      It's been a journey with bumps, but learning how to be a healthy person. Remember that every day is a new day and to just move forward. The bumps, turns and sometimes pot holes are all a part of your journey.  Journal, journal, journal! Know what you are putting into your body. Still have 24 more to go but feeling blessed and determined!
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    • Daisy30uk

      Hi, my name is Karen and I had my bypass surgery on October 11th 2017. I had been researching various kinds of weight loss surgery for a while, first in the UK where I was born and lived until 7 years ago, and then in the US. I first looked at the band back in 2008 but the process in the UK was long and expensive and my bariatric surgeon was very unfriendly and very conceited. I had to put things on hold when we decided to make the move to the US and it took some time to get life set up here. In 2013 I broke my knee - the tibial plateau in particular, and was not allowed to weight bear for nearly 12 weeks. Of course, I packed on more pounds during that time and even worse, the rehabilitation from that injury was made significantly harder by being morbidly obese. In 2015 I decided that I had had enough and I contacted a surgeon in the local area. I started the process to get approved by insurance and part of that was a six month supervised diet. During that time I lost over 50 lbs and the nutritionist encouraged me to carry on losing by myself without the surgery. That worked for a while, but stress and going back to work meant a return to my old habits and the weight soon came back. Before I could put all of those 50 lbs back on, I got back in contact with my surgeon as I had decided that I really could not do this on my own. Insurance accepted my six months supervised weight loss from the previous attempt so all I had to do was get the psych evaluation done again plus an EGD. That surprisingly took way longer than I imagined since the surgeon's office managed to mess up both appointments plus leave me out of pocket for the psych eval. Anyway, my papers finally got submitted this September, insurance approved me within 4 days and surgery took place just over six weeks ago. I am down 31 lbs from my highest weight and 23 lbs from my surgery weight and feeling so much better already. My now arthritic knee (from the break) is benefiting from the weight loss and clothes that had once again become too tight to wear are now fitting nicely again. It's early days but I am happy with how things are going!
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      1. karen_marie

        Congrats on your success thus far!

    • nelsonglo122

      Surgery date is Dec 5th
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    • LaLaDee

      I've lost 34 kilograms but it sounds better as 75 pounds. Maybe the Americans are onto something!
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    • Newme69

      Pre-op diet starts Monday 20 and Thanksgiving non Thursday, I don't know how this is going to work.
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      1. shedo82773

        I'm so glad this helped you. Another thing "Take it one day at a time"!!! Just think you are getting so close to your journey. Keep on doing it for yourself!!!

      2. JadeVT

        It's a lot easier than you think, trust! I would do the trusty Premier Protein for Breakfast and Lunch (with water (flavored/unflavored in between both meals and after), then for dinner, I didn't have to worry about cooking too much, b/c I made broth. I have this amazing Asian Thai-Flavored Chicken broth that is absolutely delicious if you want the recipe! :) After my broth, I had a SF popsicle and a SF Jello, and I was full and good to go.

        Don't listen to the negative people that talk about it being "miserable", it's not. It's only miserable if you think it is. It's actually pretty freeing. Like, you know you're going to stick to it, so the free food at work or the fast food places on the way home don't bother you. You'll start looking forward to the broth lol. Not to mention, you will see weight come off and feel so much better. Also, this will prepare you for your Post-Op eating (which for a while, will be just liquids) and that will be a breeze.

        You got this, don't worry about the holidays or whatever, just focus on the goal. :)

        BTW, I stuck to mine and lost 33lbs in 2 weeks.

      3. Newme69

        Wow, great job. Thanks for the advise. I sure would like the recipe for the broth. To be honest, I'm not really feeling this holiday. I'm looking forward to my new beginnings. I hope my experience is similar to yours.

      4. JadeVT

        Thai Inspired Chicken Broth

        • 1 tsp of Better Than Bouilion Roasted Chicken paste (little goes a long way)
        • 2.5 cups of water
        • dash of lime juice (RealLime brand is what I use)
        • 1 tbsp of Huy Fong Chili Garlic Paste (not Sriracha in the tube....it has sugar -- I've attached a photo for reference) - optional
        • 1 small dash of soy sauce (low sodium)
        • 1 dash of garlic powder/onion powder (no salt)
        • 1 scoop of kimchee - strained out after cooking -- also optional

        Try it out and tell me how it goes. You could also do a Thanksgiving inspired chicken broth with some seasonings like Rosemary and Sage. :D


      5. Newme69

        Thank you so much......☺:)


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