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Feeling a bit discouraged

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I started this journey in July by going to one of the mandatory seminars to get into one of the clinics. The lady running the seminar told us it would be about a month before someone would call us and usually another 2 months before actually being seen. I think it took about a week before I received the phone call and was asked if I could come in the next day. I was excited! I didn't expect things to happen so quickly. And when I went in the next day, all of my appointments were set up for my 6 month supervised diet, my dietician appointments, fitness test, sleep study, endoscopy and psych evaluation. All of it. And now, I've finished. I've lost around 50 pounds. But now I'm feeling discouraged because I have nothing else set up. When I went to my last appointment I was told to call the following week to talk to the insurance lady. So I was kinda bummed about the fact that at my last appointment there was no further meeting or talk about what to expect. But I called and talked to the insurance lady and she asked me if I had done my psych evaluation because she didn't have it... So informed her I had, in October and I had verified that it had been sent to them. She said OK, it's probably in the office somewhere and no one bothered to give it to her and she would look for it the next day. So that has me worried. She told me once she finds it, she'll talk to the surgeon to have him write his letter to the insurance company and they would send it in the next week. I asked if she would call and let me know when she sends it, in case she can't find the psych evaluation and she said no, she's sending everything on that day. OK well I'm pretty sure if you send it without the psych evaluation I'm going be rejected cause that's a requirement. And then asked about turn around time and she said that insurance usually gets back to them in about 3-4 weeks and then the nurse will call to schedule the surgery date for about 2 months later :/ so while I was hoping for a date in January, it's looking like March if I even get approved. So I'm feeling down. Kinda like stuck in limbo. I don't like not having a clear idea of what's happening next or when. And I don't like not having appointments for all this time in between. And how everything moved so quickly in the beginning and now nothing. Sigh... Sorry that was such a long vent

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Unfortunately this is all part of the process. I would not however stop calling to ensure she found your physche eval. You are right if she sends it on without that info you will likely be declined so keep on her.

The only thing I can tell you is that all of this jumping through hoops is well worth it in the end. And, keep on them.

Hope to hear you have a surgery date soon. Incidentally, I was told it would take insurance a few weeks as well only to get a call 3 hours after my surgeon submitted and I was approved that fast.

I did however have a 3 week snafu before that point when the surgeons office did not bother to send in my paperwork because they thought I was still missing a nut appointment. Thank goodness I took a copy of the appointment signature page and was able to fax it to the doctors office. Boy was I angry that they held me up for 3 weeks!

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      6 Weeks Post Op!

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      I close my Apple Watch rings daily and about 4 to 6 days a week I double or triple them!

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      I went to get follow up bloodwork done this week and my numbers are all in the perfect range! .

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        I didn’t see it either but I wish I had now for both the battle on court & the ball tampering accusations flying around everywhere now.

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      Has anyone had a gastric sleeve revision? 
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      Hate thinking about foods I used to love... Burgers & wings. Gotta stay focused. 😤
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      Went to see the Star Wars movie yesterday. (Glad I waited as no one else was in the cinema for the midday session - yes!) Hadn’t been to the cinema for a few months and OMG I suffered the most terrible butt pain.  So uncomfortable. Started after 30 mins. Was in the premium cinema so grabbed a cushion to sit on but it didn’t help. Ended up sitting sideways in the chair, stretched out on an ottoman. Soooo super glad no one else was there. Sometimes I do miss my old butt fat cushioning... but not really. 
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