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I regret getting a lap band every day... is anyone else out there?

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Hi ladies!

@SunnyCorner I'm so sorry I never replied to your message last year, I didn't see them until just now.

Congratulations on the pregnancy, and for making the brave decision to have the band removed! I'm so glad it's all worked out for you :)

I agree 110% with you about investing the money into some other 'self help' work first, hindsight is a wonderful thing but I wish I'd done that. I was way too young, and way too naïve. What you said about not minding your size really resonated with me too -- I have done a lot of work over the last few years and given myself permission to love my body whatever size it is. That has been the most powerful and transformational shift for me!

I still have the band in (no Fluid though) and manage to ignore it most of the time, however every now and then food gets stuck. I am trying really hard to not hate this thing inside of me, and to accept it as it is for now, until the time comes when I can afford to have it removed. Having less anxiety about it has seemed to help with food getting stuck... I still take a pill for reflux every day.

@Suffolkgirl19 - I am so sorry you are going through this, I know exactly how it feels and am sending lots of love your way! It is such a frustrating feeling. I guess all I can say (from my experience) is that it got a little better for me (I'm 8 years down the track now), but I still want it removed.

I'm so glad there are other people out there who have had a similar experience, it definitely helps me be a little kinder to myself and feel not so alone!


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Hi there! I know this topic is very old but I understand where the op is coming from. I had my lapband put in back in 2006 and it's made my life much worse. It was a panic decision on my part, plain and simple. When I was a teenager I weighed 450 lbs and was constantly depressed. I lost over 150 lbs over 2 years due to dropping soda, fast food and alcohol all while maintaining a very physical job. Even though at 300 lbs I was still obese I felt amazing. We eventually moved and as a coping mechanism for stress I lost myself in alcohol and Warcraft and saw my weight climb all the way back to 375 in less than a year. I freaked out and scheduled a consultation. I was paying cash so there was no delay and no psychology exam. 2 weeks after consultation I had my lapband and the nightmare started. For 6 months every adjustment was free so they would help over the phone if I was having trouble. After the six months it became 200$ per visit and suddenly they couldn't help over the phone. I would go days without being able to eat or drink because I was unable to cover the fee for an adjustment. What I didn't realize about the surgery was that it still relied on personal responsibility. Not eating or drinking things that would irritate or cause swelling etc. I finally decided to have it loosened as far as it could be and my life has been moderately better since. Through diet and exercise I've gotten down to 210 lbs and kept it there for almost 10 years now. At 6'2" that's a healthy weight regardless of misleading bmi. I even just recently had the full body lift about a year ago and I'm really comfortable with myself for the first time in my life. The lapband still stops me from eating or drinking occasionally but I've learned to live with it. It's a reminder to not make rash decisions out of fear. Good luck to everyone or anyone who reads this. Some people love the lapband and I'm very happy they found something that works for them. Others are going to struggle with it like I did. I love you all and I hope everyone can find a balance.

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