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YIkes I just entered singledom after being with someboday for a decade!

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Somebody hold my hand!!! *looks around nervously*

Seriously I'm petrified!

I just got out of a decade long term relationship tonight. I need time to grieve and get myself put back together. (Sounds like I'm humpty dumpty or something. LOL)

So what happens in the dating world when I'm ready?

Anything new?

Kind of been out of the loop for a decade!!

It's weird considering myself officially 'single'.

Right now I'm not a good candidate for being in a relationship I have too many bags for somebody else to help carry. LOL


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I'm sorry to hear about the breakdown of your relationship, being with someone for so long must be hard

Use this as a positive experience and a platform to move on to something better when I got out of my relationship it was so hard he was all I ever known I didn't think I could be with anyone better then my ex when I was ready to date I missed all the signs of someone actually interested in me lol I couldn't even notice that he was checking me out, talking to me every other day because he liked me, helped me, smiled at me things like that I just thought of him as a friend! Everyone thought I was blind because of course they could see it whilst I still had tunnel vision

Brush yourself off and and try again I cut my hair, changed my look a little focused on myself restored my love in clothes shoes and boxer-size classes scrubbed off the old me and out came the new and improved version then before I knew it that same ex boyfriend took a second look and it was then I knew I deserved better,

And of course I did find better after all there's someone out there for everyone :-)

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@@limichelle34 I had a breakup of a 5 year relationship prior to making my decision to get sleeved. I was devastated. I gave more in that relationship than I ever have before to take care of HIS health and just to take care of him in every way. I could not believe that he left after all I did to care for him. So I spent some time licking my wounds, soul searching, getting back into therapy and deciding to take care of myself. He lives in my same neighborhood still and so I thought about moving away to a ground floor condo so I don't have to climb the stairs with my bad knees. But then I decided instead of getting more immobile I would do something "drastic" and take care of this extra weight on my knees once and for all. So hopefully a year from now, when I emerge from my cocoon of fat, and attend support groups and therapy for a year, not only recover, but overcome and grow, this butterfly will be ready for the relationship that I deserve:-) I wish you the best of luck on this journey, not just for weight loss but for health and happiness and self-love. I know its such a cliche but I really do feel that once we love ourselves we can attract the real love we want and need into our lives.

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I've recently left a 25 year marriage. I have no interest in dating anytime soon but I suppose eventually I will. I think it's important to take care of myself right now and work on getting healthy physically and emotionally before taking that step. Don't rush it.

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