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I feel like I get my bang for my buck with the Jerky. I haven't had any yet postop, but it fills the sweet, salt and fat craving all in one.

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These are good too

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I have a few things I purchased last week at costco that I truly love (pictures and nutrional info to follow soon)

  • Crumbled real bacon bits - 2 grams of Protein 2 grams of fat...a nice addition to eggs or whatever (a huge bag!) (in the isles)
  • Kalamata olives - a healthy fat...love them in eggs or just as a little side dish to my meal (in the isles)
  • lemon pepper cod - 2 grams of carbs -lots of Protein (frozen section)
  • Cusine Solutions fully cooked sliced beef - Delicious! a 3 oz serving has 120 calories 18 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat - comes in 2 bags so easily can be separated (in the refrigerated section)
  • Vitamin B12 - 2500 mcg. (I like the extra kick the higher dosage give me) usually on sale for $10.00 for a large bottle (in the Vitamin section)
  • Edamame - Great source of protein and Fiber .I love the these! I eat them almost daily. Just a FYI about 25 of the edamame equal about 1/4 cup of a serving. (in the frozen section)
  • Eco Drink Vitamin Water - I haven't tried this yet but here is the information. Just a change of pace from taking a chewable multi. http://www.ecodrink.com/ecodrink-multi-new-flavors.html (in the vitamin section)
  • Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage links- I buy these every time I go to Costo. I don't know why but I prefer the links over the patties (in the frozen section)
  • Cashews (in the isles)
  • Babybel (in the refrigerates section)
  • chicken Italian Sausage(in the refrigerated section)
  • Avacados (in the produce section)
  • Unsweetened Coconut milk (in the isles)
  • Rotisserie chicken (White meat) - comes in a really big package that I usually have to freeze the majority of it. (in the refrigerated section)

These are just a few of the things that I buy regularly!

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    • ms.sss  »  Krestel

      RE: the running/training
      Honestly it started with me just doing laps around the kitchen that first post-op week.
      In a week, I graduated to walking up and down my street, then to walking around the block every day.
      The distance increased, then the speed.
      Then I started running little spurts during my walks, then to alternating 1km runs with 1km walks.
      And now I can do a continuous 10k (which I totally did for the first time this morning...so full of myself about it today, it’s disgusting.)
      Just do something everyday and slowly increase speed and duration, next thing you know you’ll be one of those odd “running people” (who I never understood pre-op, but now totally get, lol)
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    • allwet

      ok, I know it proves me as weird as some of you always thought but this was a fun site to kill time on.
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      1. Ava R

        Happy Sunday! I like weird people. Normal people are boring! :) I began following you and wanted to know if there are any other members you would recommend? My surgery is 8/29/19 and I want to learn as much as possible. Have a great day and thanks so much for the website.

      2. Orchids&Dragons

        I love it! Thanks!

    • ms.sss

      I am officially the awesome-est person in my universe.  I. RAN. A. 10K. THIS. MORNING.  *drops mike*
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    • Krestel

      I just realized that I miss breads and buns much more than chocolate amd candy. How wierd!
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