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Dr. Christopher Cobourn

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post here and I am pre-op for lap-band. Though my surgery isn't scheduled for another few months (April 30th 2015), I still wanted to come here to fill my head even more than what I already have. I know that I need to be prepared and I want to be prepared.

I have noticed a few people who have posted from Canada and I was curious as to if anyone has any personal insight on Dr. Christopher Cobourn at the Smartshape Weightloss Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. I have to travel there from Alberta in order to get the procedure, due to my BMI being as high as it is. I have read some reviews on him, and spoken with him personally and he seems incredibly knowledgable, supportive, positive and reassuring.

Has anyone had any encounters with Dr. Chris Cobourn or had him as their surgeon?


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Hi There!

I have been working with Dr. Cobourn for several weeks now. I essentially also spoke to him when i inquired about the process. He is extremely nice, and dedicated to the craft. I was able to speak with him, and he appeared to be very realistic regarding the results. He was very clear this was a tool and I need to work alongside it in order to achieve success. Since the holidays (Christmas 2014) I have been working with the Smart Shape team. They have been very supportive and very professional.

My surgery is Wednesday of next week. I am anxious, excited and scared - all of the above times 10!

I have never been put under, and I worry about this stuff, and naturally i think anyone does.

I was so scared a week ago that Dr. Cobourn personally called me again and reassured me that this is normal, and truthfully there is nothing to worry about. He made me feel very comfortable and I was able to shift my focus from fear to thinking about my new shape!

The cost of the surgery is rather expensive, but I have tried many different avenues at weight loss and everything seems to lead me back to weight gain. It's time I do something that I am convinced will work - crossing fingers.

As for reviews, in my experience i have done a lot of internet research and of course spoken to a few folks who have had the surgery locally here in Toronto. I find the internet is filled with a myriad of posts, comments. I had to realize quickly some people who do not follow the healthy lifestyle after banding are quick to say it does not work. Every experience will be different but overall this process seems to work for many people.

Best of Luck!

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@@Angelant76 Good luck with your surgery! I'm sure everything will go swimmingly and make sure you come back here to tell me all about it and how it went. I don't see Dr Cobourn for a few months but it's still great to hear other people's experiences!

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I had Dr Cobourn perform my surgery in January 2014

He is very honest. This is not a miracle cure. You must follow the rules! As one lady says on this site, "A compliant bandster is a successful bandster". I have kept this thought in my mind throughout the past 12 months

The staff are wonderful and very helpful. Keep in mind they cannot give medical advise that only your family doctor can give you. If you need nutritional advise, guidance etc they have it there for you. Do All the webinars. Very helpful to get you on the right track. Go back and redo them if you feel confused.

I have lost over 100 pounds since my journey began jan 2014. It had its ups and downs. Just like the trans Canada highway has a few potholes too. Lol

My only regret....not doing this sooner.

Good luck

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I had Dr. Mitchell do my surgery in Calgary and he was awesome, a lady from my work had it done in Ontario with Dr. C. Cobourn and she is very happy with him. Good luck

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