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16 wks, my tummy is shaping oddly after VSG

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Hello Ladies,

I haven't been on this website in prob over a year! I was sleeved in 2011 I think? I lost 85lbs and fluctuated 15lbs on/off. I was 237lbs. I got married in 2013 at 155lbs, and got pregnant weighing 176lbs. I am now at 179lbs and freaking out!!!! I am slowly gaining weight and now that I am pregnant I am afraid to "diet" afraid to work out (had 2 unsuccessful pregnancies at beginning of the year) and I also have a tumor growing with my baby :(

Who else out there is pregnant and not sure how much is the normal weight gain.

My biggest concern is that my top tummy part is a big droppy pouch, like a big W shaped roll of ugly dough! It was not like that until I got pregnant, like my body is oddly shaping into a blob... I don't have curves.. I am not an hour glass figure anymore.. it is a snow man but the middle part is the biggest part. I mean not cute pregnant round tummy but just a blob of Jello. I don't know why I am shaped like this... It must be the surgery and loose skin plus gaining weight?

Anyone out there can help me understand or give me advice? Even if I wear maternity clothes, the hanging blobby thing looks worse. One of the main reasons I had WLS was to look cute when I would get pregnant and be healthy. I am not worried about gaining weight as much as I am worried about that big top muffin blobby thing growing overlapping my bottom gut.

Sorta depressed, I know I prob sound stupid and vain.


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Please, forgive me, but I'm laughing so hard right now tears are streaming down my face. Your description of your tummy. ...very, very funny. Ok, on another more important note. Is the baby healthy? Are you healthy? Big congratulations to you new monny to be. All the very best.

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lol, sounds funny. People are amazed when they see me. "you are just 4 months pregnant and that big!"... it is part baby, part fat and part tumor", lol I am a hot oddly shaped mess. But yes baby is doing great and healthy :) Can't wait til the belly fills up and I look cute pregnant and not an oversized semi deflated plastic snowman fixture.

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