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I use dial as well. Doesn't help

:( that sticks... Have u been able to try putting some kind of cloth across wherever UR skin touches yet? In the summer months this is my saving grace.. Being from Arizona and have had a complete hysterectomy/ hot flashes and sweating all day long... I have even used paper towels to collect the trapped moisture, double it up and lay it between my skin folds where ever the skin overlaps.. I know that's a bit graphic but that's what this place is for, our good-bad-&ugly! When the moisture is trapped, it begins to grow a bacteria that causes our skin to break down.. My area is my lower tummy.. I hope ur breasts get some relief soon because that no fun... -stacey

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Yeah I lived in Florida for the last 25 yrs and did the paper towel trick. I have the same issue under my belly. Hopefully it'll get me an insurance paid Tummy Tuck and boob lift. I have really bad scarring in both places because of it.

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I was just reading up on some stuff because im having a bad flare up. I have to discuss this with my doctor- Hidradenitis Suppurativa

It looks and sounds like what I have(tho some severe cases are freaking scary) I hope that the ins well pay for the plastic surgery to keep the skin from rubbing in different places. Google it (if you have a strong stomach Google the images)

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    • Living4cc

      ✨ Things that you need after surgery that no one tells you that you need✨👇🏾
      · 1 reply
      1. Micheleah

        Very helpful, I was just wondering about our stomach wounds..September 8 2021 Sleeve

    • Living4cc

      How are you guys how are you all a little bit about me my name is Cici I had my bariatric sleeve on July 27, 2021 and six days postop currently, I have been dealing with a bit of anxiety a little depression and it’s something that no one really talks about.
      I would love followers and to follow more people throughout this journey because I’m pretty much alone I have a freak out at least once every two hours I know I did the right thing but sometimes I feel like I didn’t I also know this too shall pass and by this time next year it won’t be tears of sadness I’ll be having tears of joy so please follow me on my journey and I will do the same😍
      I would love to share some of the things that I have discovered after surgery that no one talks about
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    • Living4cc

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    • Stacyp44

      surgery on thursday im so excited
      · 2 replies
      1. Candace76

        Congrats & good luck!😊

      2. Living4cc

        CongratulationsI’m six days post it hasn’t been the easiest but I think I’m definitely saving my life and I swear I cry at least once every two hours but sweetheart you will be fine there’s also a couple things that I would like to make sure that you have before your surgery if that’s OK

    • summerset

      How's everyone doing? I'm still fighting insurance company over plastics.
      Many changes at work are coming up. It's very stressful but there are also some opportunities involved, both in regards to personal development and promotion.
      · 1 reply
      1. XtinaDoesIt

        I didn't think insurance was even possible for plastics? I figured it would all be out of pocket?

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