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How much money do you save on food?

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I am saving a ton of money!

My grocery bill has gone up, but that is because I almost never cooked at home before. I ate out or got take out probably 90% of the time. Now I only really go out when it is work or social (prefer to have people over).

I am making 1-2 meals per week and portioning it out. Usually I make it into 3 different packages and free 2. This way each week I have a good variety -- I pull a couple things from the freezer and add to it as well. So each week I am really just buying the makings for 1-2 meals and some cheese / yogurt / veggies.

I did not watch my budget super closely, but my monthly credit card bill is significantly lower due to the lack of take out. Another bonus - my son is eating better b/c he is not eating fast food anymore.

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I just got groceries today...

Total of $25.00 for the whole week.

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