Can anyone give me an idea of a regular day of what you eat?

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Google low carb recipes. George Stella has wonderful, easy to make recipes. I love to make "No Chop Chili" and all you have to do is google it for the recipe.

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How long does it take for you to eat?? I just had a hotdog and chewed about 30 times till it was mushy and I feel like I am filled to my eye balls and it has been sitting there for 10 minutes. But I am happy I found something I can eat other than cottage cheese, chicken salad, tuna salad, and Soup, lol. Any other ideas are very welcome!!!!

This post concerns me. Can you only eat sliderts? If so your band is dangerously tight. We shouid, except for during the immediate post-op phase, be able to eat solid foods - that's how the band works, not by physically limiting our food intake. Well chewed ( and needing to chew a hot dog to mush is excessive) should pass through the band in around one minute.

A tight band is dangerous. It can cause serious complications, done of which are irreversible even if the band were to be removed.

Hopefully I have misunderstood you.

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Just a suggestion. I joined and chose the low carb meal plan. It has been a huge life saver for me. They send you a meal plan every week. Helps save on groceries plus is all low carb high Protein.

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I was sleeved but I stick with the south beach food program (mainly) low carb and high Protein. I still have a shake in the morning for Breakfast as I've never been much of a Breakfast eater.

Midday is a you girt or cheese stick and sometimes I have breakfast for lunch otherwise it's been a lower carb Soup since it's been so cold!

Afternoon I still have my iced coffee w sf creamer and forget the snack 1/2 the time! Ugh.

Night is Protein whatever the family is eating. I pass on the carbs since usually I've had a serving at lunch. Tonight was a Pasta bar at home. I had a few shrimp, Italian sausage (only about a 1/3) and two small meatballs with sauce and parm. J was stuffed and shared with my dog!

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I'm almost a month post-surgery on the Lap-Band. I've been eating solids since six days post op. Before that it was all liquids. I've never done a Protein Shake - my surgeon sees no need for that.

Here are my "rules" from the surgeon:

  1. NO liquid calories. It doesn't fill my pouch, so it doesn't satisfy hunger. Only chunky foods go in. I can have drinks, but they need to have zero calories - even if that's from artificial sweetener.
  2. Only eat when hungry. My intake should be about the size of the palm of my hand. I'm to eat at a normal pace - don't overchew or the food becomes pulp that passes through my band. Stop eating when I've had that portion. Stop, assess whether I'm still hungry or not. If so, eat a bit more but call for a band fill.
  3. Low carb / low fat, high Protein. Eat non-processed meats, fish, low fat cheeses, nuts (but only in the shell, where cracking slows you down - otherwise it's easy to overeat nuts), eggs, non-starchy veggies. Occasionally a 1/2 piece of fruit. NO bread, rice, potatoes or Pasta. These things are not only high in carbs, but also often cause problems when eaten.
  4. No drinking anything during eating or within an hour afterwards. It pushes the food down, or turns it into mush that can easily pass, leaving me hungry again. I HAVE to have a drink if something gets stuck. Otherwise, I try hard to refrain. It's NOT easy.

A typical day looks a lot like yesterday:

Breakfast: coffee, 1/2 cup of low-fat cottage cheese and an apple

Lunch: chicken shishkebobs, mixed salad (all veggies), light dressing

Snack: Handful of almonds

Dinner: cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce leaf with onions and tomato slices. Steamed carrots, fresh cooked spinich.

Snack: Cup of tea with artificial sweetener

Actually, yesterday was a really good day food-wise, actually. And I got in a lot of steps due to a busy day at work. We had a catered lunch brought in, and to my dismay, there was still a lot of the food that I couldn't eat. It was Medeterranian, and I couldn't eat the pita chips or the rice or the potato wedges. Only took a skewer of chicken and another of beef. Tried the beef and it was too try to get down. Didn't even try - spit it out. At a few pieces of the chicken and then the salad. It was not enough, but I wasn't hungry afterward. Until my evening commute, when I was so hungry I wanted to start gnawing on my freaking sleeve. Lol

I've lost 17 lbs. so far.


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