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So I'm about 6 weeks since surgery, and I'm sick hungry all the time! When will the evil gremlin go away? I thought that getting the surgery would help me with my hunger but so far it hasn't changed. Any words of advice or experience?

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My understanding is that it takes a while to work out of your system.

Also, it is not completely gone, just the major producer of that hormone. Your body will stil produce some ghrelin.

And....depending on how the surgeon goes about his process and taking into consideration that we are each different, the outcome for each of us may be a bit different from one another.

My hunger was up and down for about two months. It is always extremely high a few ays before my period. It is higher when I eat way too many simple carbs.

But most of the time now (at 14 weeks) I'm more often not hungry at all or just feel a moderate desire to eat.

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I am one week post op and my tummy growls and gurgles all.the.time. I am drinking my Water and doing the clear liquid thing but I feel hangry. Hoping it works itself out of my system!

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Approximately 85 percent of the ghrelin in your body is produced by the cells in the fundus, the part of the stomach that is removed during surgery. That leaves 15 percent that is produced by your brain and other organs.

For most patients, the net result is not an 85 percent reduction in hunger pains but a qualitative change in the sensation of hunger itself. After surgery, it took about two days for the excess residual ghrelin to dissipate from my body. At that point, the sensation of hunger as I knew it was gone.

Are you sure that the sensation of hunger you are experiencing is not a screen memory?

For example, I am physically full (to capacity) if I eat 2oz of lox or hamburger meat but I still go through this mental exercise of saying to myself: How the hell can you be full given how little you have just eaten? It's not hunger, per se, but more an experience of disbelief.

Related, I occasionally think I might be hungry but, in reality, it's more of a memory of what used to be.

Could this sensation of hunger you are experiencing be more of a mental image than true physical hunger? Just a thought.

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I have a different experience... I stopped feeling hungry the day of surgery...when my daughter cooks something I cannot have, I have a desire to taste whatever she makes... but the whole hunger pangs... nope... not there... I realize its head hunger... and my tastebuds talking... I also experience all kinds of gurgles and sounds coming from my stomach... but nothing related to wanting to eat... I simply do not want to eat... I feel like I am eating and drinking something all the time ( so weird for an ex-overeater to say...) The only time I feel like my body is telling me to eat something is when I get this sick feeling in my gut... and if I sip or take a bite, it leaves... is that my new hunger indicator? hmmm

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There are some good points made so far about misunderstanding what your body is telling you. You really do have to relearn some things.

Two things that I had to work through were head hunger and then the actual feeling of hunger. I had to define head hunger for me and what the triggers were, then be very aware when that happened. Then those times that I did actually feel hunger, I practiced not feeding it and desensitizing myself to it.

Today I actually gave myself a green light to eat a lot more than I usually do, and even add in a few treats. The last week or two I have just not wanted to eat at all and I felt like my body might need to be shocked.

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I am also having this problem since Winter started... I am always extremely cold, and always hungry... I'm not over eating, but eating more than usual... I don't know if that's normal after 6 months post op, but I'm getting really worried cause I'm having a stall, so any mutual experiences ??

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    • Kris10_78

      Any tips on what I should have on hand the first week post op? 
      2 days away!!!!!
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    • Kaguragetshealthy_87

      What I've learned this last 2 weeks is consistent. That's I've been able to lose a pound here and there. This morning sucked it was 48 degrees but I am working on being consistent and sticking to it. Am perfectly sticking to it? Hell no but I'm working my ass off!
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    • newsam1154

      A bit frustrated with my surgeon's office currently. Feeling like they are leaving everyone in the dark about when surgeries will start again. Told one thing, then told to do another. GRRR! I just want to be scheduled already! 😫🤬
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    • Meganator

      I'm losing more than weight. Ran labs to prep for my annual exam and since my pre-op labs in September (sleeved 10/13), I've lost:
      39pts off my Total Cholesterol including... 29pts off LDL 33pts off Triglycerides 18pts off fasting glucose & almost normal range A1C is lower on low end of "pre-diabetic" range My surgeon does labs at 6 months, so this is cool info to have in the meantime!
      · 1 reply
      1. Kaguragetshealthy_87

        Good for you! 😀

    • Mrs.Pose

      Post op day 4. Not doing great. Haven't pooped in 6 days .Struggling with water and completing the 3 shakes a day any suggestions on how to win...please advise
      · 2 replies
      1. Little wing

        Hello! I m 3 weeks post op and I just went through the worst constipation of my life
        I was severely impacted for 4 days (it was at the door) it was the worst experience ever!
        within 2 hrs I did 2 suppositories and 2 enemas, it did nothing! I always had the urge to go but it wouldn't come out, with the enemas the urge was greater but still nothing! the following morning I did another enema and nothing. I ended up going to the ER and got IV hydration but they recommended to manually scoop some out which I did but girl it was not enough for relief. My MD recommended: stop protein shakes and go back to liquids only like during week 1 and oral exlax pills, 1 dose and if no bowel movement within 4 hrs then another dose. I needed the 2nd dose by the next day I finally started to get relief.

        my advise before you get so constipated like me, is drink smooth move tea and
        if you get impacted like i was maybe try the exlax after you contact your surgeon and let him know they may advise to stop the protein shakes until you have a bowel movement.

        I know you are only day 4 so maybe not to worry right now. I had my first bowel movement on day 5 post surg. BUT BEWARE of not drinking water!
        I struggle with my water intake too, which is why i became so constipated. all that protein but no water, I know its really hard but we have to try. for me that whole experience has been so bad I am afraid to eat anything! Drinking teas really helps me with the water. I like chamomile and the smooth move tastes pretty good. I also try to ALWAYS have a water bottle in my hand. that is a good reminder to drink it. right now i am assuming you are at home mostly resting so its easy to just have it in your hand at all times.
        and I know its prob bad but I havent had a protein shake in a week. I'm barely recuperating from all that impaction trauma, lol.

      2. Uniquely Me

        I hadn’t pooped in a week also. I was taking benefiber everyday and nothing. I finally decided to take a laxative and went. I’m 9 1/2 weeks post op DS.

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