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How Do I Combat Water Retention...?

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Helloah fellow sleevers,

So, once again I am looking for words of wisdom from my sleeve family!

I am really suffering with Water retention at the moment... something I haven't had since before my sleeve, nearly two years ago! It is that bad, my weight has increased and I am at the top and occasionally over my comfortable bounce range. The bloated feeling is not only in my stomach area, but my ankles have also started to swell and I have even had imprints from my sock style slippers in the evening.

My wedding ring, a usual indicator, is ok... not as loose as it used to be but not tight either. The bloatedness (if that is a word, but you know what I mean) is generally from the waist down.

We are having a hot spell here after many, many months of cold and rainy weather - so that might be a factor. I am drinking approx 1 1/2 litres of Water plus other fluids such as tea with milk a day... should I increase the water somehow? - I struggle getting water in.

So, my question is; how do I comabt this and get rid of it?

Any suggestions, as always, will be greatly appreciated cos this just doesn't 'feel' right.

Thanks in advance!

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I have severe edema problems and I have had it on and off my entire life, even when I was at not overweight. My feet and hands would swell. I have Lupus, and neurological issues so this is something that I fight with. I take furosemide (Lasex) but I will have to go off of next right before surgery, but eventually I may have to go back on it when it's safe for me to be on after surgery.

I would check with your internist and have him run a blood test, just to see what s(he) thinks. Perhaps upping the Water will help and watch your sodium intake.

Good luck to you.

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I agree with MinaT, you should probably just check in with your doc and make sure your labs are all in line. It could be any number of things that are perfectly benign, from sodium intake to hormonal changes, etc. But to be on the safe side, do get looked at.

Good luck!

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I agree with Webchick. Fluid retention could be due to so many issues. If it has reached the level of concern, seek professional advice.

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Thank you for your replies...

I was with my doc last week, and I had bloods taken Friday morning... I didn't mention the Water retention... derrr... there was a lot of other stuff we dicussed and I simply forgot.

I am on HRT Patches... would they affect me in this way... I've been on them since the beg of Jan, and it is the last 2-3 weeks that I have noticed that the bloatedness has got worse and the swelling is truly obvious. I will defo mention it when I go back for my blood results!

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