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Weekend getaway with a lapbander

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This last weekend I went on a river raft float trip with an old high school classmate who has the lapband. She is actually the reason I considered WLS in the first place, but I opted for the sleeve instead of the band fortunately. It was interesting (and somewhat stressful) seeing the difference in our post op eating habits. She has had her lapband for about 2 years and I am about 11 months out from my sleeve. I have worked pretty hard to get to the place where I eat three meals and not graze in between. I really felt like grazing all day was a bad habit that I had preoperatively and don't want to get to the point where my entire day revolves around food. I eat my meals and then I don't think about food again until the next meal. My friend grazes all day and DOESN'T eat meals! It was crazy, lol because we were on such different food schedules all weekend. Don't get me wrong, she looks great and this seems to be working okay for her, I just have to wonder if those habits will come back to get her down the road.

Just had to mention it, it's kind of been bugging me. On a lighter note - the float trip was soooooo much fun! There was a Water slide at the resort and I hoofed it up those gazillion steps to the top over and over again and it was easy! Also found out when I went down the slide the first time that my feet CAN go up over the back of my head without too much effort lol


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      Hey ya'll. I've been trying to get more protein in my diet. I started tracking what I ate this week and I like it so far. It sort of feels like a game. I've also been trying to eat alot slower. That helps.  My coworker who hasn't seen me in a week said I was slimmer. That made me feel good! lol Tomorrow, I have 3 appointments. I have my weight management, my psych and my visit to my primary care. They recently changed my primary care doctor so I'm looking forward to meeting this new person. Tomorrow is a big deal for me. I promised my nutritionist that I'd lose 3 pounds the next time she saw me. (I don't know why I said that) She told me she believed me because of the determination in my voice. idk ya'll. This whole process is scary. I'm scared of starting over. Last month, I weighed 205.5 LETS SEE how much I weigh in at tomorrow. Send positive vibes ❤️ 
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