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Holy Cow... it all starts tomorrow

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Its finally here. Tomorrow AM. Been getting a bit anxious... surprise!!! Ya the nightmare I had the night before last was my first clue. I was driving a car and the breaks went out. Thank goodness the phone rang, cuz I had just pulled up the E-brake and "ring-ring"

Yesterday I was having internal dialogs with my self. I was a bit redundant with the questions to myself

HEAD: "Really, Seriously...you NEED a Surgery to loose weight???

***pause*** think*** ponder***

SELF: yes I do, haven't figured it out after how many years/trys.

SELF: " you have seen others here in this forum start with the same doubts right beforesurgery...drrrr"

HEAD: "Really Seriously...you

SELF: "shut up HEAD!!!" "we have already discussed this."

I was a little annoyed that my sister is not going to spend the night tonight but is picking me up in the morning. I live closer to the Hospital than she does by a good half hour and the trip to the hospital with out rush hour traffic is an additional hour. She said when she realized I was on Clear liquids only for two days she didn't want to be around my grumpy butt. In the end I think it works out well not because I may be grumpy but I don't need to get into any sister fights smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifLOL !!!

My furr- babies were just crying by their food bowl while I was on the phone. I asked them if they were hungry and I told them too bad if Iam on a liquid diet than everyone's on a liquid Diet!!!!

Have no fear I will feed them but they could stand to lose a pound or two. A friend the other day asked if my cat ...Bubba was pregnant? I said No HE is not preggers.

Ahhh... I feel better just rambling all my goofiness right now even thought my stomach is growling!!!!! So I have exactly 4 hours left till the midnight no more anything cut off and then around 11:30 pacific time tomorrow (4-11-11) I will no longer be a virgin-- surgery virgin that is wink.gifwink.gifwink.gif

Shoot I still have to pack!!!!!!!!!eek.gifeek.gifeek.gif

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Congratulations! It's normal to be nervous, but sounds like you have it under control. Keep us posted on your progress...

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I had the same thoughts- do I really need this? I knew I did but I think most of us probably had second thoughts. I think your head/self conversation was spot on! Good luck tomorrow!!!

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Good luck!!! I can only imagine the nerves/excitement/doubt/hope/fear you feel right before the surgery. I'm gonna be a mess lol.

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Well everyone thanks for the good wishes...

be seeing ya on the losers bench

I will be on my way to the hospital just as soon as my sister gets here.

15 mins late and counting.... (but she will never admit she runs late...its always me)dry.gif

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    • BypassTheBS

      2 weeks & 5 days post op and I'm doing great
      Gatorade w/protein makes me gag now. I think from having so much of it.
      I had the ricotta bake for a few days. I'm in the puree stage but rotisserie chicken, chicken meatballs, cold cuts, & plain tuna don't bother me.
      I had a plain old fashioned peppermint and it made me nauseous... 
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    • trinzic

      Hi there!  Just wanted to gain some perspective.  Out of anyone here who had the gastric bypass, can you give me info on your journey?  How much weight did you lose in the first month, 3 months, 6 months after surgery?  I'm working on getting my clearances so that I can have surgery in late summer.  My friend, who just had GB, told me "your new life doesn't start the day of your surgery, but right now, so take care of yourself!"  So, I'm trying.  But hearing what others have experienced will give me some perspective and I'm big on that kind of thing. 
      · 1 reply
      1. BabySpoons

        I lost 25 pounds in 3 months before surgery and your friend is right. Putting off losing weight till surgery date just reminded me of all the excuses I made before. I'll wait till Monday to start or after the holidays.

        I'm 8 weeks out from Gastric Bypass and lost another 25. So I'm averaging about 3 pounds a week post-surgery. That's the most I've ever lost consistently over time without regain so I'm happy. Good luck on your journey!

    • BabySpoons

      Lost 3 pounds this week. I'll take it!!!
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    • JenniferLilly36549

      Waiting for surgery date…still undecided sleeve vs. RNY
      · 2 replies
      1. Jodi74

        I had the sleeve 9/13/21 and just had a the sleeve to bypass revision on 5/3/23. My HW:321 (I'm 5' 8" tall)and I went down to 254 while doing my 7 nutrition appts required by my insurance company. So just changing the way I ate, I was able to get those pounds off w/o surgery. I have many Co morbidities mixed hyperlipidemia, diabetes, htn, MI due to covid. I had read and done quite a bit of research so I could choose the best surgery for myself and learned previous to my sleeve that someone as heavy as I was and all the Co morbidities I have, it was better in my situation to have the bypass but, my DR. Kept saying I would have the same results with the sleeve. Every time I would see him and say to him that I felt it would be best to just get the bypass, he just shot me down and said the sleeve would produce the same results! Why he kept asking me which surgery I wanted at each visit just to tell me the sleeve was all I needed still a mystery to me????? Let's just say, my Dr. Was wrong you see, the surgeries are both about the same price, but the sleeve is easier for the surgeon to perform so I think my DR. Just wanted the easier since he would get the same pay no matter what. After sleeve surgery I did go from 254 to 226 BUT that's just because you are healing from surgery and can't eat anyway as soon as I recovered! I was starving non-stop. I went right back up and stayed at 248. Still had to take cholesterol meds, blood pressure meds, diabetes meds etc. I'm now almost 4 weeks post op the bypass and feel great. I'm not starving all the time, went from 248 to 220 and doing great! Not only what you just read about my story, you also hear about a lot of people needing revision after the sleeve due to acid reflex like severe acid reflex all the time. So the bypass surgery is the only way to stop This reflux if you acquire this condition after sleeve surgery. The regain possibility is higher with sleeve than bypass so just think about all these factors before you make your decision. I wish I would have just had the bypass and saved myself from having to have 2 surgeries in under 2 years. The bypass surgery was also less painful for me lol! I don't know if the new surgeon was better or what but, I was home the next day. After the sleeve I had to stay an extra night due to the nausea and vomiting all night and for pain control.

      2. BabySpoons

        After doing the research between the sleeve and bypass, I chose the Gastric bypass for quite a few different reasons. Thankfully my surgeon told me I was a perfect candidate for it after he examined my health history. Oddly enough, his nurse tried talking me into getting the sleeve too. Like your doc said, she thought it was easier and just as good. But I'm not looking for easy. I'm looking for more effective. Just the reflux alone was enough for me to say no thanks.

        Sorry you had to get 2 surgeries and wishing you all the best!

    • BabySpoons

      Who knew Filet Mignon would make me so sick. Leftovers from Mother's Day.  On the upside..next day I started walking outside a little over a mile without stopping or back pain. That's a bit deal for me considering how inactive I've been for years. Woot woot!
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