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bike for a 400 pounder

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Are you still biking? Are you going to have plastic surgery?
Yes. I am definately biking, as a matter of fact, I'm road racing now and able to ride 126 miles in a day now. My average training day is 50 miles and I am now riding a road bike. In the works for future races are a race called the Lotoja for next fall (2007), which is a 200 mile/one day race from Logan, Utah to Jackson, Wyoming and I'm looking at putting together a team of post bariatric bicyclists for Race Across America (RAAM) next summer if I can get the funding. This is a 3100 mile race from Oceanside, Ca to Atlantic City, NJ in 12 days or less. The RAAM team is intended to show just what post-bariatric patients are capable of and an attempt to overcome a lot of the negative stuff in the news recently concerning the bariatric horror stories!

Re: Plastic Surgery: Yes, I'll definately be having the plastic surgery to remove excess skin, It's king of a have to case, I have a very large apron from the excess belly I've lost. These things happen when you lose 30 inches of waistline!:guess

Future plans: I'm going after my Nursing degree and RN and am targeting the world of Bariatric Nursing as a career path.

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The ASBS Foundation Walk from Obesity may be able to help you with the funding. Check out the website. Congratulations on your racing...wow that is impressive. You will make an EXCELLENT bariatric nurse, just knowing the patients pain. Gooooo Tom!!

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I just bought a bike and relearned how to ride too! LOL! I am 50 and around 200#. I bought a beach bike. Hot pink and very cool. A sturdy safe bike with knobby whitewall tires, plain handlebars, coaster brakes, and a comfy seat. They ride them in the Fla keys. They're cruising bikes for adults. Just look up "beach bike" or "beach cruiser". My guess is that they support a lot of weight. You can check with the manufacturer. I only paid $100 for mine. I ordered it from beachbike.com. Good luck! Happy riding!




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