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Breakfast foods high in protein?

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Wow all of these suggestions sound delicious!! I need to venture out a little. Thanks everyone for all the great ideas (even though I did not start this thread). I never even thought much about Breakfast - but when I have time, which would be on the weekends I'm going to try a lot of these. Especially the South Beach idea. I love South Beach.


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Image quality is a little uneven, I apologize...


A thick slice of deli chicken and an easy over egg: 180 calories, 32 g of Protein -- MY CURRENT FAVORITE!!!!


Mini whole wheat bagel with turkey sausage: 220 calories, 14 g of Protein (nice Breakfast sandwich on the go)


Whole grain toast, 1 egg and 2 turkey sausages: 240 calories, 15 g of protein (didn't make it through the whole thing)


Slice of baguette, 1/2 egg mixed with Eggbeater, 2 turkey sausages: 170 calories, 14 g of protein

Other options are a mini bagel with 2 oz. of smoked salmon which should be around 180 calories and 10 g of protein - add a little cream cheese to extra goodie!

those look fab!

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