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Calcium Citrate, Omega 3's, FlaxSeed OhmeOhmy

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I've never been really great at taking supplements. But, with my new found health, and active life, I really want to optimize everything.

I take a high quality Multi-Vitamin, a sublingual B12 daily, but have admittedly, been lacking on calcium citrate, and other supplements. So, tonight I broke down, and hit up Fiber, and regularity it gives many of the users. It also has 3grams of Protein per 2tbsp. It's not a lot but every little gram helps, right?


I also ordered an Omega 3 oil that is flavored strawberry with DHA and EPA. My skin, nails and hair have been lacking luster since surgery. Plus, I need all the help I can get with my good cholesterol. My surgeon suggested I take these months ago, but I was stubborn and didn't get any until now.

Calcet chewable, really they are not budget friendly. I sat down and calculated the cost, and it's over $1 a day for them. I could afford them, but umm I would probably have to give up some of MAD shopping money. And, we all know I don't do well if I can't shop.

So, I searched around vitacost, and found these. They are capsules, and I have zero issue taking pills. I can suck down 2 huge Nyquil Liqui caps so these shouldn't give me any trouble. 1 capsule provides 30% of the recommended daily value. The dosing is 2 capsules per day, but I will probably take 3 daily just to cover my hiney.

Calcium citrate Plus Magnesium -- 250 Capsules - Vitacost

I enjoy the discounted cost on all the products, and flat rate shipping regardless of how much you order with www.vitacost.com

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Thanks for the tips, Tiff! I've been thinking about Omega's a lot. I took those big horse-capsules of it before surgery, but right now, being 2-ish weeks out, that's not advisable. I did buy, try, gag, and take back a gummy-chewable Omega that was supposed to be for KIDS, and it was the MOST DISGUSTING THING I've ever tasted. I brushed my teeth, tongue, couldn't get the taste out for hours, so I'm hoping to get back to the capsules soon. How long do you think someone might want to wait after surgery to start taking these? I know they are really important and I don't want to fall off the health wagon, because of a lack of vitamins/minerals...

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I was cleared to take all Vitamins and supplements (as long as the capsules were slim, not huge horse pills) once I was released to start Clear liquids.

My surgeon actually brought up Omega 3's and folic acid sometime around my 4 month follow up. He told me since my good cholesterol was low, and I don't eat a lot of fish that I needed to supplement.

So, I'm not sure what other surgeon's would suggest, but once I got on Clear Liquids I was able to have my multi-Vitamin chewable and was cleared to take Tylenol caplets instead of Lortab liquid for pain. I wasn't able to start clears for 22 days because of the leak repair surgery so my tummy had a longer healing time before anything ever went into it. I literally didn't eat or drink anything for 22 days post leak repair surgery.

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      As of late, my dreams have been food obsessed. Last night I dreamed of gorging on good old American sheet cake with chocolate frosting. There was white frosting as well. Good thing we can't get that in Sweden! I just hope that I haven't become too engrossed in food. BUT they are only dreams after all.
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      3 days post op and I want to go to the movies to see The Lion King... #slowdown
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        I doubt that. :D I'm thinking he likes livin' on Fantasy Island too much. :D

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        That's wonderful! I have trouble sitting still in the movies now. (I even fidgeted through the last John Wick, and it was awesome) I can't imagine sitting still this soon after surgery. More power to ya! Have fun!

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        Ok i didnt make it to the movies... i was far to worn out after household things 😞

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      this review is easier to understand
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    • Jobber

      Feel like it's time for a status update, I haven't been on here regularly in a while and I need to keep my mindset focused on my goals.
      I haven't weighed myself in ~ 3 weeks.  I think I'm becoming the opposite of "obsessive" about tracking my progress and it could cause me some issues.  The good thing is that there have still been quite a number of NSV's happening that is telling me that I'm still progressing without knowing what the scale says.
      First one is that a belt I bought about 5 weeks ago because all my other belts were too big is also on the last hole so I'll have to buy yet another belt again.  second, I bought new jeans about a month ago and I have a lot more slack in the waist than I did when I purchased them.  I also boarded a plane and had about 8 inches of slack in the belt.  Finally, I hit my goal last week of being able to ride go-carts with my kids.  The last time I tried about 4 years ago, I had to leave because I couldn't fit in the harness.  This was sweet victory and I showed those two how it was done on the race course!!  😈
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    • Krestel

      I just looked through all my old pants after my pre-op pants started getting to big. Keep in mind that I wear men's pants (usually cargos) because I am so tall 5'10"/5'11" ish. I also find that men's baggies tend to fit me better.
      I started out at a 44 in waist pant and quickly found that I was back down to my 42's. So even when thise got to be too big, I had to start pulling old clothes out of storage. After finding my 38's, I thought that these would not yet fit, but when I tried them on, they fit perfectly. I also found some older pants that now fit better than I remembered. What a relief! It's not like I can pop down to the store like I could do in the US and the styles here in Sweden are all skinnt jeans which I cant stand. I also found some 36's, but I'm not mentally ready to try those on yet. The biggest challenge will be buying women's clothing again. 
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