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It was inevitable. I've lost well and have had great success, but here I am at my regular stopping point. This is the place where all diets have left me stranded - the exact same weight 182. I was on a roll, the fast track to my goal but alas, I've come to a halt. I am determined though, this time will be different! By my own admission, I haven't exercised, I know I'm not getting in enough calories or Water - but it is so dang on hard to do! My band is really tight in the morning so the only thing I can get down is warm coffee. I need to work out now, I know that's what needs to happen; I also need to eat more, but again, that is soooo hard to do without being hungry.

I would appreciate any suggestions on what you did to overcome a plateau, everyone tells me I look great at my current weight and that I don't need to lose much more - but those are the same people who told me I didn't need the band in the first place. When I look in the mirror though, I see what needs work - I'm just not motivated to do what it takes and I don't know how to get my self in gear. Sigh.

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I can't say I've gotten there yet but hitting a plateau can be frustrating. I'm sure that increasing your activity might help. Good luck!

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I met with a trainer. He said to do cardio for at least 30 mins - do more than that if you really want results. Strength training is also important. Watch the calories too!

I've been in a plateau since end of may. Let me tell ya, I'm frustrated.

I'm trying to turn a new leaf. To be stronger, not cheat, and most of all more active. I got here, 50 lbs less and I know I don't want to revert back.

I know this will pass, and I will be thinner in the process!

Hang in there

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Been on a plateau since Dec 2012 so of course I'm frustrated. I really believe I'm stuck here. Exercising whole time, watching calories, carb cycling, etc. Going for fill Tuesday hope it helps. Good luck any advice I will truly appreciate it. Even my PA can't figure it out.

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    • Sunshine Princess

      I just had a teaspoon of hummus with a teaspoon of avocado topped with a teaspoon of greek yogurt and it. was. GLORIOUS. I'm four days out and my surgeon gave me the greenlight to work in small amounts of pureed food. 
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    • lizardskelter

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    • heyitsdilly

      I've officially surpassed 80lbs of weight loss! Working on that 100lbs!
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      1. acopas

        Way to go!

    • Songbyrd420

      Kind of nervous, as expected. One month out from surgery!
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    • lauren.g

      😫 Hi, I’m new to bariatricpal! I am 8 days post op VSG. I am struggling very badly. I’ve been so emotional because I feel like I’m doing wrong. I’m afraid I’ll eat or drink to fast or eat the wrong thing. I’ve been on Pinterest and YouTube constantly for help. I have followed all of my surgeons and dieticians instructions. I just don’t know if my body is getting enough. Today, I am weak, sore, and just exhausted. 
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      1. Tara A

        It passes!! Everyone goes though it! It is a short term emotion! I'm almost five years post op! You made the right decision! Don't focus on the change right now. Try to entertain your mind. What your feeling only last about a week. It's related to your body adjusting and you mind adjusting. You got this!!

      2. SleeverSk

        I agree with Tara it's hard right now but it gets better do t forget your hormones will be all over the place you may even feel depressed. Be kind to yourself reach out and talk to people how you are feeling .

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