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Extreme Pain in the Roof of your Mouth with first meal

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Okay this literally just happened to me. And it has happened before. I have been dieting lately. I woke up at 10AM and just decided to eat a sandwich. I got the cramp on the roof of my mouth. Exactly how you guys have explained it. I tried to stop eating after that first bite. It continued. So I decided to just keep eating the sandwich. And the cramp subsided. This is a hilarious symptom I’m my opinion and very interesting that so few people know or talk about it!!!

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Oh my gosh, that's exactly what I feel! Yes, I also have trouble in eating my first meal in the morning--or after I fasting. It's extremely painful and yes, it feels exactly the same as getting foot cramp--except it happens in your soft palates! I've already had it for more than 10 years I guess. I don't even have bands. But I do have problems with my wisdom teeth--their positions are somewhat abnormal. The worst food is usually breads. I used to have toasted sandwiches as Breakfast, and once I took a bite, bam! The pain stings like hell. It mostly happens when I didn't drink something warm first. I recall that if I drink warm beverages as my first "meal", the soft palates would feel like it stretches out, and it will get tightened, but not in the same awful pain as the one I have without drinking warm beverages. So usually I will let it "moves", until I feel it becomes more relaxed, then I take my first bite of food. Sad is, whenever I describe this symptomp to any dentist I met (I've asked 3 dentists, one is a senior dental surgery doctor), they will look at me like I'm telling a fictional illness... The last one I met, the surgeon, even laughed at me when I told him about "the cramp in the roof of my mouth". But he then explained that the cramp's probably caused by the jaw dropping syndrom I had because of the wisdom teeth. Since I'm still annoyed by his laughing at me, I googled the cramp symptomp and stumbling into this post. Glad to know that I'm not the only one! Someone said it's also because of the lack of Vitamin? Thank you, I'll try to consume more of it in the future.

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OMG!! I am no longer banded (port infection required it to be removed). I'm online trying to learn more about the sleeve surgery and was looking for Lapland to sleeve experiences when I came across this. I had this "cramping" in the roof of my mouth while banded (and not for the last two years since band has been off). I never could find answers about this condition. This is the first time I've heard anyone else describe it. It was the most bizarre feeling -- and really uncomfortable.

A Vitamin deficiency is an interesting theory.

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