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  1. al0vely

    Portioning out food

    At my WLS they say use cups - not weight.
  2. al0vely

    Sharp pains

    I had something similar happen - and it took 3 days for the pain to be gone. The doctor said there is a stitch that was pulled - which is why they have weight restrictions.
  3. It is hard to understand the expectations of instant surgery to goal weights. How fast did you put the weight on? Does your surgeons office say it will be instant? Follow the plan you were given and enjoy the results. SMH
  4. al0vely

    4 Days Post-Op, And...

    Same problem ... I was horrified when I got home from surgery and weighed more than before surgery. It took almost the first week to get rid of that weight. I am following my plan and lose slower than what many post but I am losing around 2 -3 pounds a week ... which is OK with me.
  5. al0vely

    Not feeling full

    Are you saying you don’t measure? My program recommends measuring for life. I use measuring cups and spoons. Currently I am on 3 ounces of food per meal which for me is 1/4 cup plus 1 ounce in a shot glass.
  6. Same here ... annoying. I guess someone fixed aka broke something with app with an update.
  7. al0vely

    Tracking apps

    I use baritastic - it also tracks calories, protein, steps, etc.
  8. Do what is best for your peace of mind. Don’t share with negative people - the struggle is real after the surgery IMO and you need to be able to focus on recovery and success not defending yourself. I told my BF, daughter, and older sister only. I skipped my mom, sister , and brother plus all others. I failed with the band and told very few about it and want my sleeve to work. I will be at 4 weeks tomorrow and 1 month by the end of the week. I have lost 16 pounds since surgery and 50 for the year - I’ll take it because it is progress for me. Good luck to you!
  9. al0vely

    Feeling so depressed

    You can’t stay on purée forever / until you get more PTO. With my plan the purée is week 2-4 then on to the next. The whole plan is laid out with self progression without the follow up Visits first. If I were you and following the volumes to eat I would progress myself and ask for forgiveness later from the nut. Their job is to encourage and help steer you not derail your progress. Follow the nutritional plan by the time line and you should be OK.
  10. al0vely

    5 months post op update

    Great results - congrats
  11. al0vely

    Smart Scales

    Just note the difference between the 2 scales and add 4 pounds to what you weigh at home. Mine is the opposite- home scale is 2 pounds heavier than doctor.
  12. al0vely

    Officially in Wonderland!

    You look great - congrats