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  1. 1shauna1

    Unfill setting me back about 6 months :-(

    You probably should have stuck with soft/liquids after being stuck on the shrimp, for a day. The alcohol might have dehydrated you too. I find after alcohol I am tighter and need to rehydrate slowly before I can eat. Just take it easy, you'll get back there.
  2. 1shauna1

    Lump undneath incision site?

    My port site has a slightly larger incision. You can feel the port underneath the skin (it's probably a bump). And yes you may feel some tugging to start with because they've probably stitched your port to your muscles. But if you have concerns call up your doc's office and just ask, I am sure they will be happy to put your mind at ease.
  3. 1shauna1

    Oh my gosh the pain

    Maybe it's too much fluid in your band; some people can only tolerate very small amounts (I can only get .5 cc at a time). Usually when I get a fill I am recommended to slowly work back to solids over a couple of days. I would say, go on liquids for a day to give yourself a chance to adjust, but if you're still having issued, you may need some fluid out.
  4. 1shauna1

    Really stuck last night

    The first time I was really stuck was very scary too. I often don't feel stuck until a few bites in as well. Take your time and rest between bites. Also cut your protein really small, like the size of a pencil eraser, I was told. That should help.
  5. 1shauna1

    Hiatal hernia?

    I am self pay also. They found mine when they went in and just repaired it. It explained things that were happening before the surgery (i.e. constantly burping after eating). It didn't cost any extra (for 16K they can put a couple of stitches in for free, IMO!).
  6. 1shauna1

    First Stuck Episode

    The papaya enzymes are little tablets you can buy where you get vitamins. The enzymes help aid digestion (same with the pineapple juice). Sometimes you just need a little help to get the food through your band and these can work.
  7. 1shauna1

    First Stuck Episode

    You could also try pineapple juice. It works really well too.
  8. 1shauna1

    Why yogurt????

    Yes, I get stuck with yogurt; I don't know why. I drink the yogurt drinks now.
  9. It's one day. Forget it and move on.
  10. 1shauna1

    Is This Normal???

    It definitely didn't slip, if it did you wouldn't be able to eat anything. As mentioned, it can take several days for the fill to settle. I've had restriction come in a couple of weeks after a fill. You need to watch your portions; just because you can eat as you did before, doesn't mean you should!
  11. 1shauna1

    Team Lunch Today :-0

    I often get stuck while I'm out :-/ . I would definitely stick with a soup, just so you don't have to do the awkward rushing off to the bathroom with people around who you may not want to know you've had a surgery!
  12. Pebbles, sounds awful! But I got the fill; nurse didn't have an issue since I hadn't noticed any tightening of my band since being sick. Feeling okay! Thanks everyone!
  13. Hi all; I apologize if this has been asked and answered but I couldn't find anything while doing a search.... I currently have a sinus and chest infection, and am on antibiotics. This has been ongoing since Tuesday (it's Sunday today); for some reason today seems worse (and TMI but the unending mucus is really annoying!). I have a fill scheduled on Wednesday....I am wondering if being sick will somehow interfere with the fill? Currently my band isn't tight (as in, it hasn't become tighter since being sick). Will I be able to feel proper restriction? Has anyone gotten a fill while being ill?
  14. 1shauna1

    1St Time Being Sick Since Banded

    I would take gravol or something. I have been sick to my stomach after being banded and it is NOT fun. Stomach contents do not want to come back up through that tiny opening. It's very hard on your stomach to vomit (different than PBing for sure).
  15. 1shauna1

    I Have A Question

    Can you take them later in the day? Sometimes depending on the size of pill, I can't take it in the mornings. But later as your band relaxes a bit, it's easier to take pills.
  16. 1shauna1

    Embarrassing Sweat

    Try some unscented deodorant on your inner thighs. I started doing this this summer when I started wearing a lot of skirts; it helps with the sweat & give a little glide so my thighs don't rub together so much!
  17. 1shauna1

    Birth Control

    I'm on the pill, and that's one I haven't had issues swallowing. If it does give you issues in the morning, consider switching to the evening. I find I'm often looser in the evenings, and wouldn't have a problem with that pill.
  18. 1shauna1

    Not Impressed

    Wow....five more weeks really? That seems excessive. Hope you get through it!
  19. 1shauna1

    Anyone In The Gta

    Honestly, I would say I am very unhappy with their follow up care. I feel like they have my money, and that's it. They didn't even call the day after my surgery to see if I was still alive. It's hard to get in for fills if you work as they don't have anyone on Saturdays anymore. I guess I am happy I had the procedure because I know I would be heavier than I was when I started, but it's definitely been more difficult than I expected, and the weight loss is challenging too.
  20. 1shauna1

    Working Up The Nerve

    If you're not sure, you may need to have more time to process things. I decided within a couple of weeks to go ahead, and scheduled it for about 1.5 months after I first started thinking about it. But, I was sure. If you're having doubts, there's no rush to wait another couple of weeks, do more research, or really consider how your life will change. Yes, eating out is definitely different. And I have pb'd in more restaurant bathrooms than I would like! But, for the most part I'm glad I had this done.
  21. 1shauna1

    Am I Too Tight...

    Sometimes, you have to get it up. I would go in your bathroom, lean over your sink and cough. Many times, I have to have it come back up. It won't go down. If you have some pineapple juice, sip a little. And invest in some papaya enzyme tablets; they can help too.
  22. 1shauna1

    Taking Big Bites

    It's still challenging for me, almost 2 years post op. If I'm too hungry or the food just looks & smells too good, I still have problems with tiny bites. But believe me, I've paid for that. So, we just have to try to pull back a bit and eat those small bites, which is really hard but necessary!
  23. 1shauna1


    There is nothing I can't eat in moderation. At least, that is the theory; I do find depending on the day certain foods give me issues (doughy breads, for example). But I can generally eat pasta no problems. Asparagus too, depending on the day. I have had pizza (thin crust, yum!), wine....all the foods I love. So don't be sad about that. Every doctor is different, but I think all things in moderation; as long as you can sustain it for the rest of your life, that's what you need to do!
  24. 1shauna1

    Tummy Ache.

    It can for some people!
  25. 1shauna1

    Tummy Ache.

    It looks like a lot of dairy today...probably just an upset tummy!

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